Purple Paint and Table Skirting, Simple and Bright Table Decorating Ideas

purple fabric for making table skirting

Table skirting that covers the front and sides of the table, leaving the top uncovered is a way to add a vintage look to your table decor, creating a soft and romantic table decoration for a special event. Painting table top brought color add cheerful and optimistic flavor to your party table decorating ideas, creating festive atmosphere and holiday mood.


The art of long and short table skirting is simple and fun to learn. A cloth table skirt can add charm to old tables, refreshing room decor and covering unattractive parts. Long table skirting is a way to create wonderful storage space or to make the occasion very special.

Table skirts can be pleated or not, made of colorful decorative fabrics or in solid colors. Table skirting can cover the front and sides of the table or front, back and sides, dressing party table for a special occasion. Select decorating fabrics with small or large prints for pleated table skirting, because small imprinted images can get lost in the pleats.

DIY table skirting

making table skirt of purple fabric and decorating table top with purple paint
Purple paint for table top and short table skirting made of purple fabric are beautiful, bright and simple table decorating ideas for holidays and special occasions

You can paint a table top in bright color, then design a short table skirting to add flirtatious accents to your party table decorating. Deep red and emerald green, golden yellow and midnight blue, graphite gray and deep orange, silver or dark purple paint for your table top will look great with a short table skirting, adding romantic vintage charm to party table decorating ideas.

You can decorate table skirting with lace, ribbons and bows or left unadorned, simple and elegant. Bright table top, painted in exiting color will make your table decorating ideas look festive, energetic and unique. Raffia table skirt, made of sheer fabric, metallic and tissue fabrics table decorations create beautiful accents that match any party decor and work well for any special occasion.

painting table legs and making wooden frame for table skirting
Decorating table legs with silver paint and making a wooden frame under the table top for holding table skirt

Your table decorating ideas will look brighter, feel informal, relaxing and inviting with a short table skirting that brings dramatic changes into room decor and creates playful atmosphere for celebration. Duct tape is the cheapest, quickest and easiest way to create attractive short table skirting of lightweight decorative fabric. Inexpensive double-sided sticky carpet tape is quite strong and can be used for making table skirting of light decorative fabrics, giving a nice hold to light cloth table skirt and adding more fun to your table decorating project.

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Table skirting clips or sticky Velcro strips are simple ways to keep table skirting on place. You can tape a short table skirt, made of light decorative fabrics, to the top of the table all along the table top with a masking tape also. It is simple and quick way to add vintage chic to elegant table decorating ideas. Taping the pleats with duct tape instead of stitching allows to change table skirt designs for different holidays and special events.

craft ideas for adults making table skirting and painting table top
Decorating table top with purple paint and making a table skirt of purple fabric

Decorating a table top with paint in your favorite bright color or selecting one of modern paint colors (deep red, emerald green, golden yellow, midnight blue, graphite gray, deep orange, silver or dark purple paint) create gorgeous table decor with a coordinating table skirting.

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Sheer fabric makes dainty table skirting. Muslin in light colors or pastel-colored sateen feel tender, adding a soft touch to your party table decorating ideas. Bold paint and bright decorative fabrics with prints are a great choice for kids party table decor. Short table skirts, made of silk fabrics are perfect for chic table decoration, patchwork fabric is excellent for welcoming and warm country style table decorating.

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