Middle Eastern Party Table Decoration Ideas and Centerpieces

leather ottomans and floor cushions party ideas in middle eastern style

Middle Eastern style and decorating theme is about fairy tale table decorations and centerpieces, blending festive table decorating ideas and traditional crochet crafts, modern decorating colors and golden or silver accents, glowing tea light candles in attractive wrought iron candle holders and Moroccan lanterns, shine of glass beads and charming floral centerpieces with peonies and roses, that create exotic atmosphere and add chic flavor of Middle Eastern style to your party table decor.


Arabic style is about luxurious decorative materials and beautiful table decorations, but also about relaxing, comfortable and welcoming party table decor that helps slow down and enjoy the fun time. Bright, soft and shiny decorative materials, velvet, silk and brocade, luxurious home decor fabrics with patterns that intricate flowers, plants, butterflies and other nature inspired images, add cosiness and chic accents to Middle Eastern party table decoration ideas.

Sheer fabrics in white cream, silver, purple-pink and deep golden-orange colors can be used for making simple table decorations, after party gift bags, curtains and canopies, decorated with glass beads and silver or golden tassels. Dark wood dining furniture or Berber style floor cushions, chests and ottomans, covered with beautiful Middle Eastern rugs or Turkish kilims create wonderful setting for Arabian Night party.

Table decoration ideas in Moroccan style

Marrakesh pink-orange table decoration in Moroccan style

Arabian Nights themed party table decoration ideas

Bright decorating colors, pearls, silver and golden accents, soft and comfortable decorative fabrics, shiny table decorations, made with glass beads and handmade crocheted ornaments, satin ribbons, mysterious glow of tea light candles and Moroccan lanterns, golden plates and tassels create impressive and festive Middle Eastern style table decoration ideas, complemented by exciting golden-orange and romantic purple-pink colors.

Table decorating ideas in Middle Eastern style

Party table decorations and centerpieces in Middle Eastern style can be not expensive. Bright colors and eye catching shiny decorative accents, elegant candle and floral centerpieces, a lot of fabric and few unique items, like Moroccan lanterns or crochet crafts, are simple decorating ideas that create festive and relaxing atmosphere with optimistic and romantic golden-orange and purple-pink colors.

All rainbow colors can be used for preparing Middle Eastern party table decorations and centerpieces. Inspired by precious stones, silver and gold, elegant table decorations in rich red and purple, blue and green colors bring exotic atmosphere of Arabian Nights to mysterious and stunning table decorating.

Table decoration ideas in golden-orange and pink-purple color combination

White cream, light turquoise, blue and green colors, lilac and creamy pink color tones add softness to table decorating ideas, inspired by the the beauty and luxury of Middle Eastern palaces. Rich golden orange color combination feels romantic and light with sheer fabrics and floral centerpieces in soft cream and pink colors.

Moroccan bedroom decorating ideas

Exotic Moroccan bedroom decorating in pink-purple colors

Moroccan bedroom decorating in blue and green colors

Moroccan style bedroom decorating ideas in warm colors

Crochet crafts, satin ribbons and glass beads are easy ways to add shine and a splash of bright color to table decor and create unique candle and floral centerpieces, decorated with colorful handmade items. Crochet crafts, napkin rings and small candles in silky bags, brightened up with silver or golden tassels, ribbons and glass beads, make wonderful, surprising and elegant after party gifts for your guests that will remind them your unforgettable Middle Eastern themed party.

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