Roman Shades for Modern Kitchens and Bathroom Decorating

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Roman shades beautify modern kitchen or bathroom decorating. Roman shades are wonderful window treatment ideas that personalize home interiors and bring unique designs into room decorating. Decor4all shares two collections of Roman shades, demonstrating how to use these modern window treatments in kitchens and bathrooms.


Roman shades look elegant while being useful in controlling the lighting and providing privacy. Roman shades are very decorative and interesting window treatments ideas that bring character and classy elegance into modern interior design.

There are several different designs in Roman shades. The double Roman shades have two major parts, the front of the shade and the back part of the shade. Double Roman shades use two different materials for versatility, – one is sheer to invite natural light into room decorating and the heavier main decorative fabric. Double Roman shades are great for all home interiors, and can be attractively used for modern kitchen or bathroom decorating.

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Roman shades for modern kitchen and bathroom decorating

Bathroom decorating with Roman shades, modern window treatment ideas

Double Roman shades incorporate two different types of shades into versatile and convenient window treatments. You can lift the front of the shade and let the inner part of the shade create a fresh look in your kitchen or bathroom.

Roman shades are practical and easy to use. They are perfect window treatments for space saving interior design and controlling the lighting in your kitchen or bathroom.

Kitchen decor with Roman shades, modern window treatments

Different designs, textures and colors of various materials used for Roman shades allow to change the way your modern kitchen or bathroom looks and feels. Insulated window treatments are made with a single piece of material, but their fabrics on the side of the window layer have insulating properties to add more comfort to modern kitchen decor or bathroom decorating.

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Adding unique design details to your window treatments can create stunning kitchen decor and personalize your bathroom decorating. Roman shades with decorative designs look great. They personalize interior decorating and improve kitchen and bathrooms overall appeal.

Bright Roman shades for modern bathroom decorating

Add attractive design elements to Roman shades beautify modern kitchen decor and bring luxury into bathroom decorating. Interesting details, embroidery and floral designs, shelves and lace curtains beautify and style your home interiors and create spectacular window treatments with Roman shades for modern kitchen and bathrooms.

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Modern kitchens with Roman shades

Modern bathrooms with Roman shades

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