Zebra Prints and Decorative Patterns for Modern Bathroom Decorating

zebra bathtub and purple wall paint for bathroom decorating

Zebra prints and decorative patterns add a fresh feel, an exotic flavor and a personalized look to modern bathroom decorating. Inspired by African wild animals zebra designs bring bold black and white color combination into modern bathrooms and make them look beautiful and interesting.


Crisp black and white stripes look gorgeous, combined with light and dark bathroom colors. Black and white decorating ideas are mesmerizing and universally appealing to those who are appreciate original, spectacular and modern decor ideas with contrasting, dynamic and balancing colors.

Zebra prints and decorative patterns are great for modern bathroom decorating. Floor rugs, bath accessories, bathroom towels. shower curtains with zebra prints and bathtubs with painted zebra stripes are stylish ways to add these fabulous decorative patterns to modern bathroom decor.

Modern bathroom decorating with zebra prints and designs

zebra otoman for bathroom decorating
Black and white bathroom decorating ideas, zebra ottoman

Zebra furniture upholstery fabric print and striped decor accessories in black and white colors look extravagant and exciting. Small details like a picture frame or wall mirror frame with black and white stripes add exotic accents to modern bathroom decorating while creating balanced and stylish room.

Zebra prints are excellent for small bath accessories, and zebra inspired decorative patterns are great for drastic changes, like painting an accent wall or bathroom decorating with wallpaper pattern that is reminiscent of zebra.

zebra bathtub and purple wall paint for bathroom decorating
Modern bathroom decorating with deep purple wall paint color and zebra bathtub

An upholstered ottoman with zebra stripes make a nice accent piece. Covered in chenille, faux leather or fur, it provides a convenient seat and storage space as well. Zebra print furniture, bathroom vanities and shelves, bring a spectacular color combination into bathroom decorating and offer bright centerpieces for small rooms.

Zebra prints and decorative patterns personalizing modern bedroom decor

Black and white dining room decorating with zebra prints and decorative patterns

Masculine bathroom decorating ideas, white and gray color combination

A floor rug and small bath accessories with zebra prints look contemporary and unusual, adding personality to bathroom decorating ideas. The modern look of zebra decor accessories and black and white color combination help incorporate these decorative accessories into many decorating themes and create very attractive modern bathroom decor.

claw foot bathtub and zebra floor rug for black and white bathroom decorating
Zebra floor rug, indoor plant and claw-foot bathtub, black and white bathroom decorating ideas


A recurring zebra stripe theme throughout your home interiors can be created with strategically placed zebra accents in every room, including your bathroom. It makes your home decorating look bright, continuous and harmonious.


Zebra bath accessories, a floor rug and shower curtains, zebra photographs on the wall or zebra window curtains,striped tile designs or painted stripes on your bathtub create a black and white oasis in your bathroom.A mirror frame or a decorative vase, picture frames or bathroom towels with black and white stripes infuse your bathroom decorating with beautiful zebra patterns, created by nature and emulated in your modern home.

Modern wallpaper pattern with zebra images
Striped wall mirror frame for white bathroom decorating

  Posted: 22.04.2013 by Decor4all