20 Modern Colonial Interior Decorating Ideas Inspired by Beautiful Colonial Homes

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Using American Colonial interior decorating style in your home is not complicated. Colonial homes, their architecture and interior decorating ideas are elegant, comfortable and rich. Crown moldings and wooden panels, window shutters and expressive textures, mahogany wood furniture and natural home fabrics are wonderful elements that create beautiful and impressive Colonial style house design and decor. Decor4all collection of Colonial interior decorating ideas demonstrate how to use Colonial style house decor in your rooms.


Colonial interior decorating ideas blend natural materials and pleasant room colors.Cream white decorating ideas can be mixed with green colors, warmed up with creamy yellow and dark yellow colors, deep orange and barn red color shades, creating typical color schemes for Colonial style house decorating. Rich room colors and wood work well together with soft white decorating in any Colonial interior.

Mahogany wood was a popular interior decorating material in the age of Colonial homes. Modern American Colonial style homes look exclusive with home furnishings made of mahogany wood. Dark wood furniture gives authenticity to Colonial style interior design. Classic Chippendale and Queen Anne furniture with spectacular inlays and wood carving designs give that distinct look to a Colonial style house.

Remarkable Colonial style in house interiors with ethnic flare

Colonial interior decorating ideas

Colonial style bedroom decorating ideas

Crown moldings and wooden wall panels in spacious rooms create beautiful contrasts and fill Colonial style homes with warmth and coziness. Wood furniture and Colonial interior decorating elements made with wood blend amazing simplicity with fabulous flair into Colonial homes and create elegant, comfortable and stylish living spaces.

Window shutters add charming details that connect old traditions with modern Colonial interior decorating. Window shutters were popular elements of Colonial homes, offering a sense of security and beautifying Colonial style house design. Window shutters instead of curtains and blinds, or rich draperies bring that amazing look of Colonial homes into modern interiors.

Colonial style bedroom decor, furniture and home fabrics

Colonial interior decorating colors include muted hues of primary colors. Floral designs and painting ideas are great options for wall decoration in Colonial style house or room. Furniture, decorated with velvet fabrics in rich colors and fascinating tapestries, handmade quilts and four-poster beds with unique carved wood headboards create beautiful Colonial interior decorating.

Colonial style house, modern interior decorating inspired by Colonial homes

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Wood kitchen cabinets are typical for Colonial homes. A butcher block and a wooden kitchen island, a wrought iron chandelier and a hanging rack with pans are perfect for creating attractive and stylish kitchen design inspired by kitchens in Colonial homes.

Four post bed in dark wood, bedroom decorating in Colonial style

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