Remarkable Colonial Style in House Interiors with Ethnic Flare

wood armchair and side table in colonial style house

Modern interior decorating in colonial style is a remarkable blend of European and Asian or European and Latin American furniture, decor accessories and architectural elements that came from different cultures, – Burma, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam or Central and Latin American countries.


Colonial style house interiors are gorgeous, elegant and feel timeless. Luxurious interior decorating with natural materials, exotic wood furniture and wicker furniture, beautiful home fabrics with unusual patterns and handmade crafts create stunning homes in colonial style. Most room furniture and decor accessories, textiles and decorative fabrics are handmade, and it creates a unique atmosphere of luxury, cosiness and peace.

The nature inspired decorating themes fill up the rooms in Colonial style house. Animal and bird decorating theme are especially dramatic and impressive. Room furniture and decorative fabrics patterns, inspired by exotic animals and birds, create remarkable interior decorating ideas that explore unusual shapes and color combinations.

Unique Colonial homes

Bali furniture, Indonesian art and interior decorating in colonial style

colonial style house with wood furniture and decorLiving room furniture and decor accessories for colonial homes

Shelved and furniture can be decorated with figures of elephants, and cabinets and tables legs mimic lion paws. In Eastern countries images of animals are lucky talismans, and it influences furniture design, making colonial homes look so different and dramatic.

Furniture in colonial style is most often made of teak wood, which is not afraid of water and is perfect for intricate carving. Very popular as yew, Asian walnut, tulip and rubber. Rattan is widely used for the manufacture of wicker furniture, lightweight, strong, versatile and suitable for any climate.

colonial style carved wood wall decorationAmazing Colonial style house with carved wood wall panel, wicker furniture and decor accessories

Room furniture and decor accessories, floor rugs and outdoor furniture made of bamboo, rattan, leather and dark wood add the ethnic flavor to interior decorating in colonial style and make colonial homes feel comfortable and luxurious. making ethnic accents in the interior.

wallpaper and room furniture in colonial styleColonial style wallpaper and furniture

Dark wood color tones and natural neutral colors for interior paint or wallpaper are an excellent background for showcasing wonderful Asian furniture and decor accessories that bring ethnic charm into Colonial homes. Natural decorative fabrics and calm interior decorating colors make Colonial style house interiors feel pleasant, relaxing and comfortable.

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