Colonial Style House, Modern Interior Style of Unique Colonial Homes

vases and furniture for colonial homes

Colonial homes are about intricate blends that interweave Western interior decorating styles with home furnishings, furniture and room decor accessories from Eastern, African and Asian countries. Colonial homes are quite common, and Colonial interior decorating style is a popular modern trend that create beautiful, unique and luxurious home interiors.


Traditional Colonial homes are associated with exotic home furnishings, – furniture and room decor items, natural fabrics, wonderful handicrafts, and dark room colors. Impressive and exclusive, Colonial style house interior decorating ideas are comfortable, functional and very attractive. Warm wooden furniture and room decor accessories, or light furniture and room decor items made of rattan and bamboo add coziness and natural feel to Colonial style homes.

Colonial style house is about emphasizing natural materials and room colors that are celebrating the unity with the nature. Natural room colors, pleasant pastel wall paint, dark wood furniture and room decor items, made of exotic wood, are interior decorating elements that create elegant and charming Colonial style homes. Organic materials, rattan, bamboo and various types of wood are combined with leather and high quality home decorating fabrics, made of natural fibers.

Unique Colonial home interior decorating ideas

Light and dark brown color shades, beige, dark olive, terracotta, deep golden yellow tones are great room colors for decorating a Colonial style house.

vases and furniture for colonial homes
Colonial home, furniture and interior decorating ideas

Colonial style house interior decorating

Colonial interior style was born when Europeans and Americans brought ethnic furniture and room decor accessories into their homes from colonies, or so called third-world countries. Colonial interior style uses eclectic room decorating ideas to create modern interior design with ethnic flavor.

Colonial interior style is extravagant and unusual. Meaningful in Asia and India items, sacred gods figurines can be combined with African masks and used as decorative elements to add ethnic flavor to Western room decor and create Colonial home style. Colonial style furniture upholstery, chair covers, window curtains and decorative cushions with animal prints create  a sense of adventure.

living room design in colonial style
Rattan furniture for living room decorating, Colonial homes

Colonial style furniture brings the animal theme into interior decorating with paw shaped furniture legs, metal figurines of animals, leather and fur, that can dramatically change any neutral rooms, transforming them into Colonial style house interiors. Wicker chests and travel suitcases add a charming flavor of long journeys to room to Colonial style homes, reminding about exotic warm countries. Area rugs made of natural fibers, dried tree branches in decorative vases, placed on the floor increase the effect.

Eclectic interior decorating style

Eclectic interior decorating style

Eclectic style colors and textures

Fusion interior design style

Colonial homes room colors

furniture for room decorating in colonial style
Colonial style furniture

Dark colors of exotic wood, is an excellent choice for Colonial homes floor and wall decorating. Dark wood for the floor and bright wall paint colors from a natural palette work well together, creating strong contrasts for traditional Colonial style house interiors. If walls are decorated in soft pastel colors, then furniture and room decor accessories should be much darker (deep brown and  chocolate tones.)

Modern interior decorating styles

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Colonial style home decor

Colonial style house interiors look elegant and simple, emphasizing rich decorating materials, natural textures and room colors that highlight exotic accents and unique atmosphere, created with unique furniture and room decor accessories.

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