wood furniture

room decor ideas and natural materials for modern homes

Eco style is pleasant and relaxing. Ideas in eco style are perfect for country home decorating and traditional interiors. Rustic wood and natural stones, driftwood recycled crafts, and unique home decorations made with natural materials are excellent interior decorating ideas for modern interiors in eco style….

modern interior design in english classic style

Classic interior decorating looks beautiful and feels comfortable. A formal symmetry of interior decorating in classic style, spectacular moldings and rich decorative fabrics create truly cozy rooms. An oriental-style fireplace and mosaic patterns can add more interest to relaxing interior decorating in classic style and personalize…

colonial style house interiors

Using American Colonial interior decorating style in your home is not complicated. Colonial homes, their architecture and interior decorating ideas are elegant, comfortable and rich. Crown moldings and wooden panels, window shutters and expressive textures, mahogany wood furniture and natural home fabrics are wonderful elements that…

modern interior decorating with bright room colors

Artists Happy Colorful Home decorating ideas from American decorator Darci Goodman surprise, delight, impress and inspire. Cheerful, bright and pleasant, these modern home interiors feature comfortable and colorful decor items that create inviting atmosphere in this house. The modern house is built from scratch and decorated…

shelves and storage furniture decoration with modern wallpaper

Creative furniture decoration ideas turn functional cabinets, bookcases and shelves into attractive items that personalize interior decorating and make a statement. Neutral colors, contrasting and bright color combinations and modern wallpaper patterns add bold and exciting accents to your home decor, updating, recycling and upcycling old…

recycling furniture decoration ideas

Simple furniture restoration and decoration ideas help transform a piece of furniture cheaply and creating beautiful home furnishings for your home interior decorating or to sell. It gets expensive to buy new furniture There are many cheap and easy alternative ways to save money or make…

space saving furniture for small home bars and interior decorating ideas

Small home bars are versatile and fun interior decorating ideas. A small bar design is great for a bachelor apartment and a family home, bringing fun, convenience and elegant luxury into interior decorating. Small home bar ideas are excellent solutions for young and middle-age couples, for…

antique wood furniture in CHippendale style

The Chippendale interior decorating style of 1750s-1780s offers gorgeous carved wood furniture pieces that are great for beautiful, expensive and modern room decor in vintage style. The Chippendale interior design style was influenced by the Chinese style, Gothic and Georgian styles. The Rococo interior decorating style…

rattan furniture and wooden furniture for modern interior decorating

Interior decorating with rattan furniture is modern, relaxing and eco friendly. Here is a collection of great interior decorating ideas that can inspire you to use rattan furniture for your home interiors, creating light and stylish room decor with beautiful and eco friendly furniture that add…

wood furniture for modern dining room decorating in French Alpine and rustic styles

French country furniture pieces in Alpine chalet and rustic styles do not look simple, artless and unsophisticated. French country decorating adds unique charm to wood furniture pieces and creates gorgeous dining room decor that feels antique, luxurious and exclusive. French country furniture for dining room decorating…

wooden bench

Double View Bench is a creative garden furniture design that reinvents the Victorian Tete a Tete love seat and makes the bench very convenient. Two pivoting backrests allow to enjoy the beautiful garden views and change your perspective with a minimal effort. The double backrest pivots…

solid wood furniture painted white

Bright colors, intricate patterns and crafty furniture decoration turn wood furniture pieces into amazing centerpieces. The modern furniture collection from Moooi delights with vivid designs that add bold accents to modern interiors and offer stunning focal points for cheerful and romantic home decorating. Modern furniture designed…

modern chair with wooden frame

Modern chair TORII is designed by Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance and demonstrate a stylish furniture design that harmoniously bridges Western and Asian interior furniture design traditions. This modern interior furniture piece is about functionality and emotions, blending traditional

home fabrics and country style decor

Decorative fabrics and country home decor ideas from Ralph Lauren Home are inspired by traditional decorating of Alpine chalet. The collection is called Alpine Lodge and present 12 elegant and stylish decorative fabrics, stylish decor, pillows and throws, floor rugs and wall decorations, vases

portrait and antique furniture

Interior decorating with antique portraits, wood furniture and decor in vintage style is a spiritual and creative process. Charming home interiors in vintage style, designed by Jamie Kidson, co-owner of Oakland store Atomic Garden, give great inspirations for all who have antique portrait

living room design in asian style

Stylish home decorating ideas and inspirations come from different sources. For those who like Asian decor, exotic woods and unique handcrafts Song Saa Private Island resort pictures provide great inspirations for creating intimate and luxurious modern interiors with unique Asian flavor and charm. Asian interior decorating…

rattan furniture, sustainable material

Seagrass and rattan furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures, designed by American company Palecek, showcase a creative blend of natural materials, traditional weaving techniques and modern design ideas, offering stylish, comfortable and eco friendly products

laminate stool scandinavian design

Elegant and simple stool design is reminiscent of traditional Japanese furniture, which is functional and unpretentious. The contemporary stool in minimalist style is made of laminated beech wood and demonstrates the simplicity and versatility of contemporary furniture design in minimalist

gray color and reclaimed wood for interior design

Bedroom decorating ideas, incorporating stylish and cozy reclaimed wood furniture and gray colors, are designed by Blalank Studio. Trendy bedroom decorating in industrial style is softened with comfortable brown colors and neutral gray color tones, creating warm atmosphere and filling

solid wood dining table with red leather chairs

Gorgeous large wood dining tables invite to spend extra time in the dining room with family and friends. Country home decorating style  is a perfect way to create beautiful, welcoming and comfortable dining rooms. Large wood dining tables, colorful cottage tables and stunning

unique vintage furniture for home office

Modern home office decor includes a computer desk or a writing table, a chair, storage furniture, table lamp and wall decorations. Unique vintage furniture and decor accessories are important elements of modern home office design in vintage style. Here are 30 home office decor ideas

wood furniture, shngle cabinet

This Shingles cabinet by Field Day look dressed up and unusual, demonstrating a creative furniture design and a classy form. Shingles is a handmade wooden cabinet that is covered in cedar shingles. It features a traditional wooden frame, which is available in two colors, natural wood…

modern table design with hanging chairs

Playful and innovative Swing Table from Duffy London is a great way to add more fun to outdoor rooms or dining room decorating. An amazing furniture design features a large hanging lamp above a wooden table top, a steel frame that support eight hanging chairs and…

wood furniture design

Modern chairs and armchairs collection from Branca are elegantly simple, comfortable and very decorative. Made of pleasant birch plywood, these contemporary chairs from the Portuguese company playfully present Nordic design blended with organic shape and romantic

handmade home decoration and christmas gift

Cross stitched wood is an interesting trend that shows the beauty of colorful stitches on wood furniture, wall decorations, doors and wooden accessories. Cross stitched look especially gorgeous on reclaimed barn wood pieces, marrying the warmth and unique texture of natural material with youthful feel of…

wood armchair and side table in colonial style house

Modern interior decorating in colonial style is a remarkable blend of European and Asian or European and Latin American furniture, decor accessories and architectural elements that came from different cultures, – Burma, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam or Central

food delievery by train on table

TrackTile table design is a great idea for entertaining your family or guests. Table tiles construct a train track which make transporting food around the table fun for them and for. This unique dining table is a playful blend of handmade wood furniture and transportation theme,…