Modern House Design and Room Decor in Eco Style by Ryntovt Design

window curtains with tree branches for living room decorating

Modern house design projects by Yuri Ryntovt surprise and delight. Attractive architectural interiors and decor create interesting and functional living spaces, offering beautiful and unique contemporary homes in Ukraine. This modern house is located in Kharkiv region and built among trees and perennial grasses.


Unusual house design and room decor ideas by Ryntovt Design, create a sense of outdoor living spaces. Every room, surface and home appliance only increase the effect of living in a spacious, comfortable and eco friendly home.

This modern house design is inspired by organic and green ideas, bringing the tree branches, grass and hay decorating theme into modern interior decorating and demonstrating the admiration and respect for the natural wisdom and beauty.

Grass theme inspired modern house design and room decor

wooden floor, kitchen cabinets and living room shelvesWooden floor, kitchen cabinets and living room shelves, modern house design in eco style

This house design and interior decorating project is concentrating on natural and eco friendly materials, water and energy saving ideas, noise  and vibration reduction, simplicity and ways to reuse and recycle materials for creating comfortable contemporary homes in eco style.

Modern house design and interior decorating ideas are elegant and unpretentious, creating a beautiful home in harmony with pleasant surroundings.

wood kitchen cabinetsWood kitchen cabinets and green grass wall decoration, eco style for contemporary homes

Modern room decor looks alive, offering a tranquil and peaceful retreat in the forest. Natural interior decorating color palette, that includes comfortable brown and gray tones, spiced up with pleasant green, wood, clay, metal and glass, dry grass and hay decorations and green grass images make architectural interiors and room decor look dynamic and organic.

Modern wallpapers made with leaves for interior decor in eco style

Striped wallpaper for interior decorating in eco style

Interesting staircase design with a convenient storage space makes house design more comfortable and functional. Wooden shelves and stairs with drawers are designed for better home organization.

hay decoration for glass doorHay decoration for glass door and wood wall paneling, modern interior decorating with natural wood

Wood furniture, floor and wood wall paneling, combined with clay, hay, grass, metal, glass and textiles made of natural fibers create nature inspired room decor that celebrates green living.

Modern wallpaper patterns, trees ad branches

Top 5 modern interior trends in home decorating

Straight lines and organic forms bring gracious simplicity into architecture interiors, creating a beautiful background for modern interior decorating. Dry glass between glasses add unique charm to doors.

Modern living room decor in eco style, staircase design with drawers and shelves

Stools made of natural wood and tree branches on light window curtains are creative home decorations that connect modern home interiors with the nature, creating inviting and functional, stylish and unique eco house design.

Indoor plants and natural wood for modern house design and interior decorating in eco style

Modern house design and interior decorating details

Photographs by Andrew Avdeenko

  Posted: 27.03.2012 by Decor4all