21 Modern Interior Decorating Ideas Bringing Stylish Blue Color Shades

blue dining table and chairs

Modern interior decorating with blue color shades add fresh and stylish look to living spaces. Rich and bright or saturated and pastel blue color tones are gorgeous and versatile, suitable for any room decorating. Blue color shades can modernize your home interiors with stunning look and bright blue color combinations.


Using various blue color shades and blending them with white decorating ideas, green and red accents offer very attractive color design options that are bright, airy and stylish. White and blue color combinations are relaxing, interesting and bright, perfect for bedrooms and kitchens, living rooms and entryway designs. Neutral colors and pastel color tones work well with rich and light blue color shades providing an elegant and modern look.

Here is a collection of beautiful, creative and modern interior decorating ideas demonstrating nice ways to use blue color combinations for styling and refreshing your home interiors. Blue color shades, especially rich azure, sea blue or royal blue color, create an eye-catching accent walls and turn home furnishings into striking centerpieces.

Modern interior decorating with blue color

denim sofa cover
Denim blue color shades for modern interior decorating, denim sofa cover

Adding decoration patterns to white and blue color combinations create even more impressive appearance to home furnishings and wall painting ideas. Empty walls decorated with simple patterns in blue color, or home furnishings with prints and patterns in blue color, add dimension and unique look to modern interior decorating, creating spectacular rooms.

Modern wallpaper patterns in blue color, floor rugs, tableware and home fabrics with prints in blue color, are effective interior decorating ideas that bring the elegance and charm of blue color shades into room decor and create wonderful, interesting, comfortable and relaxing living spaces in bold color combinations.

blue dining table and chairs
Dining room decorating with various blue color shades

Decorative accents in blue color, like fresh flowers, tableware, vases, tablecloth, wall mirror frame, window curtains or decorative pillows, are excellent interior decorating ideas that are inexpensive and impressive. Mixing medium and light blue color shades, like sky blue, baby blue, powder blue, light French blue, denim blue, bright azure blue, Persian and Egyptian blue, rich cobalt blue, dark blue, midnight blue, ultramarine  and cool black-blue color tones looks classy and elegant with modern walls, window curtains, floor rugs, furniture upholstery fabrics, bedding and throw pillows in various blue colors.

10 modern bedroom decorating ideas, adding blue colors to bedroom decor

Blue and green bedroom colors, Moroccan bedroom decorating ideas

Rich blue color and modern home decor ideas

Blue color combinations that include various white and blue color shades create bright and cheerful room decor. White decorating ideas add contrasts to blue color tones and brighten up modern interiors. Different blue color tones and various intensity, combined with white decorating ideas and home furnishings, enrich modern interior decorating with an ideal, balanced and pleasant look.

blue sofa and modern pendant lights
Blue furniture upholstery fabrics and white wall paint color

Yellow, green and red color beautifully accentuate blue interior decorating ideas, adding balance and warming up room decor, creating energetic home interiors, ideal for kids and family gathering places. Blue color hues are relaxing, calming and timelessly stylish. The right blue color combinations refresh and brighten up rooms, creating peaceful atmosphere and contemporary, elegant and trendy look.

White and blue color combination for bathroom design, white and blue bathroom tiles
White and blue color combination for walls

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