15 Interior Decorating Ideas Adding Bright Red Color to Modern Home Decor

red accent wall design with floral wallpaper and red living room furniture

Interior decorating ideas that incorporate red colors are powerful and energetic. Modern home decor feels passionate and dynamic with red accent walls, floor rugs or furnishings. Home decorating fabrics in red colors, bold red wall paint and modern wallpaper patterns add stunning, exciting and romantic elements to modern interior decorating, celebrating these amazing, rich and attractive room color shades.


Modern interior decorating with bright red colors create warm rooms. Deep yellow, orange and red colors, inspired by flame add bold and beautiful accents to home decor and work well with all neutral colors. Red color shades enhance modern interior decorating ideas, but can hurt interior design when used not in moderation.

Red accent walls, ceiling, floor decoration or home furnishings excite and delight. Balanced by more reserved interior colors, soft color tones and neutral colors, they add cheerful and stylish accents to modern interior decorating and offer a creative and elegant way to jazz up room decor.

modern home decor items in red colors
Modern interior decorating ideas incorporating room decor items in red colors

Bright and deep red colors are excellent color design choices for people whose extraordinary and dynamic personality shines, reflected in their home decorating. Modern interior decorating ideas that blend red colors with black-n-white or neutral colors look balanced and impressive, fabulous and original.

Small furnishings in red color, bright red accent wall design or large furniture and decor accessories in red colors, like window curtains, sofas and chairs, bed headboard or wall decoration with red wallpaper patterns can instantly invigorate a boring room, adding energy and passion to interior decorating ideas.

bedroom furniture in red color
Modern bedroom furniture in red colors, upholstered bed and ottomans in red color

Red colors are an excellent choice for turning a lacking any interest interior design into a fascinating room with modern decor. One large furniture item or imposing wall artwork in red colors creates a gorgeous centerpiece that dramatically transforms interior decorating color palette and the way a room looks. Red colors are juicy, hot, beautiful and romantic, adding rich details to comfortable and modern interior decorating.

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Red colors can be used in any room. Soft and deep red color shades are better choices for bedroom decorating. All red color shades, according to color design experts, excite and stimulate. Red color shades, combined with natural blue and green colors, white-n-black or neutral colors, light and dark brown colors look pleasant and festive, offering bright and surprising interior decorating color combinations and unexpected, fresh and modern interior decorating ideas.

white living room furniture with red cushions and accent wall design in red color
Bright accent wall design in red color, modern living room decorating with red accents

Earthy tones, deep brown and reddish brown colors, combined with natural green colorĀ  tones can be brightened up with red color shades, promoting energetic lifestyle. Light and dark brown colors feel comfortable and tranquil.

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Spiced up with red color shades, these safe and pleasant color combinations bring a feeling of security into modern interior decorating and create a perfect, almost neutral background for displaying bold accent walls, floor rugs, lighting fixtures, wall art, room furnishings or decor accessories in red colors.

  Posted: 03.04.2013 by Decor4all