10 Blue Bedroom Decorating Ideas, Adding Blue Colors to Bedroom Decor

blue curtains and bedding

Blue color for bedroom decorating is a calming and peaceful choice. Blue color tones, from cool light shades to rich blue hues, are colors that add unique character to bedroom decorating ideas, showing a strong personality and creating relaxing mood. Here are 10 wonderful bedroom decorating ideas that are inspiring, attractive and bright.


Do not limit yourself to one shade of blue, use few blue color tones and combined them with green, yellow, pink, purple and deep red to make your bedroom decorating look colorful and cheerful. From neutral and airy light blue color tones to deep blue hues, this color provide you a rainbow of inspiration for various color combinations for your pleasant and inviting bedroom decorating.

Blue color shades look great with green and yellow-green colors. Light blue works as a neutral color that calm down bright and colorful bedroom decor accents. Blue color shades create exciting  and cheerful decorating color combinations with white, red, pink, purple and orange tones.

Patriotic decoration for kids rooms in white, red and blue colors

Blue bedroom decorating ideas

blue curtains and bedding
Blue bedroom decorating ideas, blue curtains, wall decor and comforter

Pink, purple and deep red or orange create attractive color combinations, adding a bold color splash to blue bedroom decorating ideas.

Pink and purple, mixed with blue and green colors feel natural, adding dimension to tranquil bedroom decorating.

blue wallpaper pattern, blue bed headboard and night table with orange table lamp and comforter
Light blue and deep blue bedroom decorating ideas combined with orange color, blue wallpaper pattern, blue bed headboard with orange bedding and table lamp shade

Blue bed headboard and decorative pillows, blue wallpaper designs and window curtains, blue wall paint and blue bedding sets, blue vases and wall decor are just a few elegant and easy ways to add gorgeous blue colors to modern bedroom decorating ideas and create relaxing room decor.

Blue color and modern home decor ideas from Tricia Guild

Floor rugs with neutral pattern in blue color tones or room decor accessories with blue and white stripes or floral designs look stylish and elegant, familiar and classy, adding unique charm to bedroom decorating.

blue wall paint with red and gray bedroom decor accessories
Blue wall paint, combined with white bedding, gray and red color accents

These colorful, optimistic and welcoming bedroom decorating ideas combine various bright colors with blue color tones, illustrating how blue colors can be used in a fresh and clean way for calming down bold color combinations.

Blue and green bedroom colors, Moroccan bedroom decorating

Mixed with white and green, yellow and yellowish green colors, blue color shades emphasize pink, purple, red and orange decorating ideas, creating beautiful room decor and optimistic mood, while adding calming details to modern bedrooms.

White, blue and green colors for bedroom decorating

Light and rich turquoise are perfect choices for those who thinks blue colors are too quiet and cold. Navy blue wall paint or room decor accessories create powerful and stunning bedroom decor, combined with other matching color tones or classy white bedding and ceiling.

Tuscan bedroom decor, blue and green colors

Turquoise, rich blue and darker blue color tones make bedroom decorating look impressive. All blue color shades tend to soothe and relax, adding security and comfort to bedroom decorating ideas.

Blue wall paint and bedding, blue bedroom decorating with orange-red color accents

Light blue color shades look airy, calming and spacious. Turquoise and rich blue tones encourage meditative thinking, offering perfect color design choices for creating cozy bedroom decor. Adequate lighting and other colors, combined with blue hues, make bedroom decorating ideas feel warm, attractive, comfortable and pleasant.

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