25 Interior Decoraitng Ideas Creating Modern Room Decor in French Style

living room design with fireplace and french decorating ideas

French home decorating style is romantic and luxurious, elegant and graceful. French interior decorating ideas create harmonious and chic rooms blending chic details with softness and simplicity. Attention to every detail makes French interior decorating look exclusive and luxurious, harmonious and balanced, offering gorgeous room decor for comfortable modern homes.


Traditional French interior decorating style is perfect for designing refined and pompous, charming and expensive room decor. Modern French decorating ideas bring the spirit of France and simplicity into room decor, offering functional and welcoming room decor for contemporary lifestyle.

French interior decorating style is about colors. The harmony of interior decorating is achieved through the use of monochromatic color shades. The most popular interior decorating color for modern interior decorating in French style are black, white, gray, green and purple colors, that can be mixes with all other pleasant and soft color hues.

Modern interior decorating in French style

New 18th century interior decorating ideas rediscovering French style

French country home decorating ideas from Provence

red and yellow french country home decorating ideas
Red and yellow French country home decorating ideas

Beautiful wallpapers with floral designs and stripes add charm to room decor in French style. Simple and soft wall painting ideas or plain modern wallpaper designs with intricate patterns are the best for romantic and exclusive and modern interior decorating in French style.

Romantic wallpapers in antique and retro styles, vintage wallpapers and floral chintz patterns create gentle and inviting room decor, ideal for bedroom or dining room decorating. Stone wallpaper patterns are excellent for adding original wall designs to modern interior decorating with French flavor.

french decor for dining room in white and purple colors
French decor for dining room in white and purple colors, modern interior decorating ideas in French style

Modern French interior decorating style does not give up functionality and convenience for creating beautiful and intimate room decor. Wall tiles in stylish deep dark colors or artificial stones, metal and wood room furniture and lighting fixtures in classic and Baroque styles, antique and vintage furniture, glass and wooden room decor accessories, draperies and decorative pillows made of luxurious natural fabrics, silk and wool rugs are perfect for modern interior decorating in French style.

French country decorating ideas turning old mill into beautiful home

Modern interior decor with Southern French flavor

Flowers and floral designs, gorgeous paintings and tapestry designs are a part of French interior decorating style that creates fabulous, elegant and comfortable, timeless room decor with French chic and elegance.

french country home decorating with flowers
Flowers for interior decorating in French style

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