30 Modern Home Office Decor Ideas in Vintage Style

unique vintage furniture for home office

Modern home office decor includes a computer desk or a writing table, a chair, storage furniture, table lamp and wall decorations. Unique vintage furniture and decor accessories are important elements of modern home office design in vintage style. Here are 30 home office decor ideas which are beautiful, stylish, inspiring and romantic.


Unique vintage furniture, decor accessories and table lamps are a way to add charm of the vintage style to your interior design. Vintage furniture can be from a flea market, but you can also use precious antique furniture pieces for creating home office decor in vintage style.

Also some modern computer desks and writing tables with chairs can be designed in vintage style. The blend of exclusive design and new materials are excellent for making your home office interior feel and look stylish and expensive. Lighting fixtures, vintage furniture and decor accessories in all retro styles are excellent for adding colors and unusual design to your home office design in vintage style.

Modern office furniture

Vintage furniture, modern interior decorating with chairs in retro styles

Modern home office decor ideas

small table and chair
Small writing table and chair in vintage style, modern home decor ideas

Modern wallpaper in retro styles will help add charm and chic to your home office decor. Beautiful wallpapers with geometric patterns, floral designs and graphic prints add a retro flavor to your home office decor in vintage style.

Vintage furniture in retro styles can be old or new. Restored and rebuilt antique furniture are excellent choice for creating gorgeous and exclusive, very personal and modern home office decor in vintage style. Modern furniture items that are designed in retro styles are great for less expensive office decorating in vintage style also.

home office decorating ideas
Home office decor and wall decoration in vintage style

You can also combined antique furniture with modern furniture and decor accessories in vintage style, creating stunning home office decor in eclectic style. The contrasts create a wonderful harmony and a peaceful atmosphere, when you surround yourself with your favorite items.

Beautiful wallpapers, romantic wallpaper patterns in vintage style

Vintage furniture collection from Les Valises

Look at the collection of home decor ideas in vintage style and decide what is the best for your interior design. Vintage style is romantic and attractive. Home office decor in vintage style helps relax and stimulates creativity.

wood desk and blue chair
Writing desk, chair and storage furniture, modern home office decor in vintage style

Antique furniture and decor accessories or unique vintage furniture created for home decorating in vintage style, combined with lace curtains and table lamp shades, old picture frames and decorative accessories made of natural materials, create a beautiful atmosphere of vintage style.

Vintage furniture made of old suitcases, interior decorating in vintage style

Fine vintage furniture and decorative accessories from Richards Trunks

Select soft white shades, beige, light grayish blue, black and dark brown colors for your home office furniture in vintage style, and create strong color contrasts with light and black or dark brown colors that will make you home office decor feel energetic and beautiful.

  Posted: 26.09.2012 by Decor4all