Beautiful Bedroom Decorating in Unique Vintage Style with Bright Pink and Blue Accents

modern bedroom decor and pink blue colors

Beautiful bedroom decorating ideas in vintage style blend pleasant, soft and tender room colors with delightful bright accents in pink and turquoise blue color shades. Feminine bedroom decorating and pleasant room colors celebrate the beauty of comfortable, attractive and unique vintage style.


The combination of exquisite classic furniture, simple lines, bright pink and turquoise blue accents, natural bedding fabrics, neutral wall paint colors, charming flower designs and fresh flowers create delicate and romantic atmospheres while adding ultimate comfort to modern bedroom decorating.

Luxurious bed design and warm fireplace decorating, soft decorating fabrics and relaxing bedroom colors, like cream and beige, make bedroom decorating ideas feel inviting, calming, warm and elegant.

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Modern bedroom decorating ideas in vintage style

Modern bedroom decor with pink and blue colors

Creamy and beige hues are light and bright. These bedroom colors not only visually expand the space, but also make modern bedroom decor look gentle and inviting.

Bright accents in rich pink and turquoise blue colors, emerald green colors and soft yellowish color shades bring charming and interesting details into modern bedroom decorating in vintage style.

bedroom color scheme with pink and blue
Bedroom color scheme with pink and blue

Window mirror in vintage style and classic furniture, inciting cushions and poufs and fresh flowers in hot pink create beautiful, comfortable and very romantic modern bedroom decorating.

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Solid wood furniture, antiques, wooden framed in dark colors and light window curtains, knitted poufs and textures pillows create pleasant contrasts of textures and colors, and create sophisticated, exclusive and luxurious bedroom decor.

Bedding in purplish and turquoise blue colors, bedroom decorating in vintage style

Retro-modern lighting fixtures enhance bedroom decorating in unique vintage style. Natural light, combined with functional artificial lighting enrich modern bedroom decor in vintage style and create bright and airy interior decorating.

Light window curtains and classic furniture for bedroom decorating in vintage style
Fake window mirror and fireplace decorating with fresh flowers, modern bedroom decor in vintage style
Solid wood furniture, wooden desk and chair, bedroom with fireplace and wall mirror
Writing desk and table lamp in vintage style
Vintage furniture and knitted poufs for bedroom decorating
Table lamps in vintage style

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