Boho Chic Home Decor, 25 Bohemian Interior Decorating Ideas

antique wrought iron fireplace

Charmingly cluttered boho-chic home decor celebrates luxurious fabrics, beautiful interior decorating colors, unique textures and amazing decoration patterns, creating gorgeous, comfortable and cozy rooms. Bohemian interior decorating ideas are about romance and exquisite luxury that make home decor truly unique and intimate.


Bohemian interior decorating style the perfect style choice when you want to set a warm, welcoming and very special atmosphere in your home. Here are spectacular Bohemian interior decorating ideas that are inspiring and encouraging to redesign your bedroom, kitchen or living room and create boho-chic home decor.

Bohemian interior decorating uses a collection of flea market artworks that can be hung to create a spectacular gallery effect. Unique home decor accessories add so much personality to your rooms. Vibrant room colors, like indigo, turquoise, purple and hot pink, help the eye bounce around the room, adding interest and excitement to bright Bohemian interior decorating ideas.

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Bohemian interior style

boho chic decor  style bedroom decorating ideas
Boho-chic interior decor style, vivid room colors and home fabrics

Bold rich room colors, indigo, turquoise, purple, hot pink, emerald green, dark red, brown and golden colors, combined with glossy finishes, create stunning Boho-chic home decor. Antique furniture and modern unique furniture pieces are excellent interior decorating ideas for Boho-chic decor style. Carved wood furniture with gorgeous ornaments add luxury to bohemian look.

Four-poster beds, large armoires, carved wood dining tables and chairs or dramatic chests are all great furniture choices for designing Boho-chic home decor. Dark brown stains, reddish brown colors and mahogany stains are perfect for modern furniture decoration. Boho-chic decor style is about the right accents. Gold or silver framed mirrors, silver candlesticks, small wood trinket boxes and antique books are perfectly bohemian interior decorating ideas. Indoor plants add fresh feel to bohemian interior decorating ideas and create harmonious combinations with dark brown color shades.

antique wrought iron fireplace
Antique fireplace and turquoise wall paint color, bright home fabrics for bohemian interior decorating

Rich room colors, indigo, turquoise, purple, hot pink, emerald green, dark red, brown and golden colors, blend well with dark brown stains, reddish brown colors and mahogany stains, creating vivid and impressive bohemian interior decorating. Bold or dark colors of wall paint, dark furniture and bright home decor accessories can be lighten up with breezy curtain fabrics, lace and silky table clothes or bedding.

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Bohemian interior decorating ideas are elegant and feminine. Shear fabrics which drape beautify Boho-chic home decor and attractively decorate  windows, tables and furniture. Light colors, white creams, graying whites, soft pinks and lilac tones give a romantic touch to modern interior decorating, accentuated with subtle accents in gold or silver colors.

turquoise and pink colors for boho home decor style
Red, turquoise, pink and green colors for bohemian interior decorating

Unique lighting and mesmerizing candle light are great bohemian interior decorating ideas that create romantic, sensual and warm atmosphere in your home. Low wattage bulbs, dark lamp shades and candles around the room increase the effect. Drape existing lamps with home fabrics in rich colors to add more color shades to your interior decorating palette.

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