Beautiful Room Decorating Ideas, Kitchen, Bathroom or Entryway Storage

decoupage for wall hook rack decorating

Beautiful decorating ideas add striking final touches, interesting patterns and more color to stylish and attractive kitchen storage or entryway decor. Simple crafts and creative decoupage or painting ideasĀ  for modern home decor are a nice way to add personality and charm to any interior decorating.


Here are two wonderful craft ideas for creating unique hangers and wall hook racks for attractive kitchen storage, closets or entryway decor.

You will need a wood board, hooks, paper napkins, acrylic paint and laque for the fist decoupage project and creating beautiful wall hook racks for simple and elegant kitchen storage or entryway decor.

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wall decorating with wall hook rack
Bright floral design for wall hook decorating, simple craft ideas for kids and adults

Paint a wood board white color. Separate napkins layers and glue them to the board creating the base for a wall hook rack. Cover the board with lacquer to add strength beautiful wall hook rack decorating.

Decorate with simple and elegant hooks to design charming and convenient racks for kitchen storage, closets or entryway decorating.

lighthouse design for hanger decorating
Nautical decorating theme for bathroom, clodets or entryway decorating, simple craft ideas for hanger decorating

The second craft project is for those who like nautical decor, white, blue and red color combinations and fine decorating ideas.

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Paint wooden hangers white color. Glue small piece of paper with delicate design, inspired by nautical decorating theme, and finish hangers with lacquer.

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