Bright Vintage Furniture Blending Vivid Paint Colors and Crafty Furniture Decoration

solid wood furniture painted white

Bright colors, intricate patterns and crafty furniture decoration turn wood furniture pieces into amazing centerpieces. The modern furniture collection from Moooi delights with vivid designs that add bold accents to modern interiors and offer stunning focal points for cheerful and romantic home decorating.


Modern furniture designed by Moooi, brings arts and crafts style into rooms, blending modern simplicity with elegance and charm of unique vintage style. The modern furniture collection includes a wardrobe, a chest with a drawer and a grandfather clock designed by Studio Job.

These vintage furniture pieces look bright, displaying gorgeous colorful decoration patterns on white background. Unique vintage furniture design ideas, handmade furniture decoration and creative furniture design ideas, supported by traditional shapes, create fabulous items for modern home decorating in vintage style.

Unique vintage furniture decoration ideas

unique vintage furniture for bedroom decorating
Unique vintage furniture decoration ideas

Inspired by classic traditional furniture, these solid wood furniture pieces look elegant and expensive. A freestanding clock is especially bold and attractive. All furniture pieces made of pine wood, painted and lacquered for festive look.

Classic furniture silhouettes bring sophistication into modern home decorating. Bold and unique furniture decoration patterns create a sense of exclusiveness. White paint color add freshness to these wood furniture items, creating bright and modern interior decorating in vintage style.

furniture painting ideas
Gorgeous furniture painting and bright color combination

These furniture collection is excellent for bedrooms and dining rooms, entryways and halls. Solid wood pieces painted white and decorated with colorful designs create fabulous decorative accents that make a statement.

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chest with drawer
White chest with a drawer and bright decoration in vintage style

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