Charming Framed Mirrors in Minimalist Style from Veronique Maire

wooden mirrors

These pretty framed mirrors in minimalist style blend functionality of Japanese design with natural materials and bright colors, creating very attractive, comfortable to use and decorative accessories. Japanese minimalist style influences modern furniture and decor accessories, giving them a simple and elegant look, while blending bright and playful design ideas with originality.


These framed mirrors with a wooden base and a colorful frame create the collection Ki Ko Koi. The French designer Veronique Maire got inspired by the gracious simplicity of Japanese decor in minimalist style and created table mirrors that are functional, interesting and pleasant.

Wooden bases look soft and appealing, showing off delightful curves and smooth surfaces. Neutral colors of natural wood create gorgeous color combinations with relaxing shades of mirror frames. These framed mirrors look like sculptures, like art works, adding aesthetic appeal to any room decor.

Round mirrors in minimalist style

wooden mirrors
Wooden mirrors, unique decor accessories in Japanese style

The eye-pleasing color shades increase the effect created with soft shapes, offering charming bedroom decor accessories for women, that are certainly get the attention.

The creation of these wonderfully feminine framed mirrors with wooden bases in minimalist style is inspired by traditional Japanese dolls Kokeshi. The Ki Ko Koi Series collection explains the smooth lines and soft tender colors, creating a toy-like design for feminine room decorating.

table mirrors in colorful frames

The mirrors Ki Ko Koi are made of natural linden wood and amber lacquered wood. Round shapes light wood colors allow to express the playful and youthful nature of this original, interesting and stylish decor accessories.

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round mirrors
Round mirror with wooden base and green frame
Round mirror with painted wood base

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