Christmas Decor Trends from Christmasworld 2010

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Christmas is almost upon us, so the time came to look at Christmasworld decorating themes, and choose colors and Christmas decorations that will adorn the holiday tree, the dinner table and the house. Traditional or contemporary, natural or artificial, classic or bold, there are various modern Christmas decor ideas for winter holidays to suit every taste.


This year ideas are colorful and extravagant. Creativity and individuality are very important. There are no taboos, when it comes to Christmas decorations and colors. Bold mauve and berry colors, white and golden tones are ongoing Christmas themes.

The motto of this season is The Beauty of the Moment, and four main themes are Authentic, Optimistic, Eclectic and Graphic. For each of them, designers offered interesting motifs, colors and materials, using which people can create modern Christmas decor ideas that feel comfortable and personal.

4 Christmas decor trends

christmas decoration color trends decor ideas

Unusual designs set new standards. Everything cheerful, dynamic, and provocative is welcomed. Silver frost, white snow, pearl inlays, animal prints, feathers and fur reflect a desire to create playful Christmas decor ideas.

Classic decorations, like lavish balls, birds, drops, fruits, stars, mushrooms, unicorns or angels, can be combined with contemporary ornaments in a diversity of shapes.

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Authentic Christmas decor ideas emphasize the natural beauty and the simplicity of natural things. Mixing new and old-fashioned Christmas ornaments creates a Shabby Chic atmosphere.

Stylish Christmas decor ideas, gold and white color schemes

Beautiful wallpapers, romantic vintage wallpaper patterns

Patina, subtle shades of gray, olive, turquoise and flax, combined with natural materials, like bleached wool and cotton, wood and glass, add warmth and harmony to modern Christmas decor ideas.

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An optimistic theme requires creative and unusual Christmas decor ideas. Various synthetic materials are combined with traditional folk motifs and classic glass Christmas decorations.

Christmas table decorating ideas, silver Christmas centerpieces

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The multicolored palette looks strong and expressive with mocha, aquamarine, crimson, emerald green, lemon yellow and pink Christmas decorations. The Optimistic decorating theme expresses a desire to create unique and special Christmas holidays.

Different cultures, times, styles and art come together to create an Eccentric holiday style. Ornamental designs, animal hides, velvet, embossed leather, feathers, crystal beads, and wooden and glass Christmas decorations look spectacular.

Bronze, red wine, olive, ruby, amber and white Christmas decorations are colorful elements of Eccentric decor style. Glamorous silver and golden accents are perfect for impressive Christmas tree and dinner table decorations.

The contemporary Graphic Christmas theme is light and dynamic. Modern color trends suggest the combination of black and white Christmas decorations.

Black and white stripes, abstract shapes and optical illusions gently and effortlessly fit into the minimalist black and white with silver and golden accents Christmas decor.

A classy combination of decorating colors, simple shapes and graphic patterns with a few bold accents make Graphic decor ideas feel inviting, comfortable and practical.

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