Black and Golden Christmas Decorating Ideas, Black Elegance and Golden Chic

black tree branches and golden vase for christmas decoration

Black and golden colors look spectacular, offering dramatic and stylish Christmas decorating ideas. Dark blue and black winter holiday decorations, jazzed up with golden glitter and embroidery, are modern trends. Fantastic black and golden yellow decorations make striking table centerpieces and gorgeous Christmas tree decoration.


Winter holiday decoration and Christmas decor, that include golden colors look comfortable and luxurious, festive and warm. Rich Christmas colors, deep green and midnight blue color shades, dark brown or black Christmas decorations create relaxing and calming effect.

Golden glitter and golden yellow decorations are the way to celebrate the brightness of winter holiday decor and add chic accents to Christmas decorating ideas. Golden Christmas tree decorations and room decor in black and golden colors look exquisite and noble, mysterious and modern, cozy and warm.

Black and golden Christmas decorating ideas

black white and golden colors for christmas table centerpieces

Combined with various shades of cream and dark brown colors, black and golden Christmas decorating ideas feel delicious and comforting, adding sweet chocolate flavor to winter holiday decoration. Gray color tones bring softness and tenderness into home interiors and, spiced with golden colors, create happy mood.

Golden colors symbolize wealth and honor, respect and abundance. Beautiful, warm and pleasant, light and deep shades of golden colors create optimistic atmosphere and attract positive changes, energizing people.

Deep green color tones, modern midnight blue and black Christmas decorations look amazing with decorative fabrics, vases, embroidery, ribbons and tableware in golden colors, creating modern Christmas color trends for winter 2011-2012.

Dark blue and gold Christmas Colors, modern Christmas decorating ideas

Stylish Christmas decor, gold and white color scheme

The combination of light and deep golden colors bring more shine and color into winter holiday decorations and Christmas decor in dark blue and black, creating striking contrasts and adding the depth to room decor.

Candles and vases, cushions and tableware, Christmas themes figurines and snowflakes in white and soft cream color tones blend well with green, blue, black, gray, light and deep golden colors, creating brighter Christmas decor. White tablecloth and candles, artificial snow and frosted glass, combined with stylish black holiday decorations, are excellent for creating fresh and classy winter holiday and Christmas decor.

Golden glitter adds charm and luxurious accents to Christmas tree decorations and food. Soft yellowish lights, glowing candles and the fireplace increase the effect of warm and welcoming Christmas decorating.

Simple Christmas crafts

Glass bottle decorating, craft ideas for holiday table decoration

Black feathers and velvet fabrics with golden embroidery, white and black lace and silky ribbons, blended with black, dark blue and golden yellow decorations create unusual and impressive table centerpieces and make Christmas tree decoration look exclusive and sophisticated.

Christmas table decorating ideas, silver Christmas centerpieces

Modern Christmas decorating ideas, Christmasworld color trends

White or black Christmas tree and golden yellow decorations, black and golden vases,  painted black, white or golden colors tree branches, black and white candles in golden candle holders and dinnerware with golden yellow decorations look especially very attractive and festive, celebrating the charm and beauty of winter season and adding charm and style to Christmas decorating.

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