Patriotic Decoration, Decorating Theme and Color Combination

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Incorporating patriotic decoration theme and your country flag color combination into your living space is a great way to show off your national pride and introduce fresh room decorating ideas to update your home furnishings. Patriotic decoration items and British or American flag color combination are modern spring-summer interior design trends that bring white-blue and red colors with a unique decorating theme into your home. (5 modern interior trends and color schemes for spring-summer)


Patriotic decoration can be associated with Americana decor style that is comfortable, relaxing, casual and attractive. Americana decor style uses easy to care for, simple materials and is great for homes with small kids. Americana decor style includes patriotic decoration with soft contrasting color tones and country cottage interior design ideas. (Country decorating, gray, white and pink-red color combination)

Americana decor style is inspired by folk art and history, and offers attractive room decorating ideas for National and patriotic holidays in spring and summer, like 4th of July celebration and Memorial Day. Americana decor style is about the white-blue-red color combination, inspired by American flags, stars and stripes, 1776 motifs or items that remind World War I and World War II events.

Patriotic color combination

Patriotic decoration for kids rooms, flags inspired color schemes

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Designers with Maison du Monde presented this modern white-blue and red color combination, inspired by British Navy and sports. The patriotic color combination Vivat Britain! is one of five modern interior design trends, developed for spring-summer season. (Summer Flower interior trend and color combination)

British flag color combination, British Navy and sports symbols are the inspirations for stylish white-blue-red color combination with elegant light gray and bluish gray tones.

Designers suggest to use unbleached linen, burlap, cotton and jeans fabric, rustic wood, metal, nautical decorations and comfortable simple furniture pieces with white, blue and red color for stylish and simple room decorating accessories and patriotic decoration ideas.

Patriotic inspiration

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Vintage maps and War time posters, antique books and old wooden frames are great for Vivat Britain interior trend or Americana decor style.

Old maps, posters and pages from old books, framed and arranged on the wall, make unusual and impressive wall accents, offering unexpected ways to add personality and new themes to your room decorating. (10 modern simple wall decoration ideas with fabric)

Patriotic decoration ideas can be incorporated into any room. Simple cushions, window curtains, throws and wall accents are inexpensive and effective ways to build the room look around the patriotic decorations and modern color combination.

White-blue-red color combination, curtains, throws, table cloth, cushions and rugs with stripes and stars are inexpensive patriotic decoration ideas for Memorial Day in May or 4th of July celebration, that can refresh your room decorating color scheme, making it meaningful and adding character to your home.

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