Stylish Christmas Decor, Gold and White Color Scheme

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Sometimes modern color schemes are as much important as Christmas decor style or decorations design. Gold and white Christmas theme feels familiar and festive, offering stylish Christmas decor ideas for winter holidays. Gold and white Christmas colors create bright atmosphere and happy mood that people enjoy.


Choose gold and white Christmas decor ideas, add some stylish silver accents, and you create light and beautiful Christmas decorating scheme that makes your friends and loved ones, feel happy. Modern silver, gold and white color schemes are both neutral and bold.

Christmas is supposed to be relaxing and special. Wonderful white and gold color schemes are a perfect choice for holiday decorating that feels wintery and warm. Also white and gold color scheme allows to use colorful Christmas decorations that you already have, helping you save money, time and effort preparing your home for Christmas.

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holiday tables, home decor ideas and christmas table centerpieces
Gold and white Christmas decor ideas, table decoration

If gold and white color scheme does not look colorful enough, add different color details for festive and bright accents.

Stylish mix of Christmas colors is easy to create. Pastel colors look great with stylish turquoise, bright purple, blue or pink Christmas decor ideas. Soft peach, buttermilk, cream and mint Christmas items go well with white and gold color scheme.

table decoration christmas centerpiece ideas with candles
Gold and white Christmas table decoration, candle centerpiece ideas

White table cloth or modern artificial snow, snowflakes and snowman Christmas decorations create attractive color combinations with colorful items. Misty blue, olive, mint and elegant silver accents with gold and white are also beautiful.

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Deep tones of silver color, navy blue, ruby red, emerald green or black details create dramatic interiors, emphasizing winter white and gold Christmas theme.

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White and gold Christmas ribbon, traditional Christmas colors

Christmas table decorations, green-white-gold Christmas colors

Snow white and gold Christmas colors can be combined with softer off white or ivory shades. Metallic tones such as brass, silver, pewter or rusted iron look amazing with white and gold color schemes, creating happy atmosphere and harmonious home decorating design.

Stylish color schemes and Christmas decor ideas for winter holidays include gray and silver colors, that look especially elegant with cool blue or lilac. Softer color combinations of ivory, gray-green, silver, sage green and matte gold are beautiful Christmas decor ideas that feel festive and warm.

Green-gold-white Christmas decor ideas, table decoration with floral fabrics

Gold and white color schemes symbolize joy and glory. White is the symbol of light, purity and openness. Gold stands for sunlight, warmth and radiance. White snowflakes and dishes in combination with gold Christmas stars, tinsels or candles are inexpensive simple Christmas decor ideas for creating rich, pleasant and stylish holiday decor.

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Living room fireplace decorating for Christmas, silver and gold stars

Red is a traditional Christmas color that adds an exciting and dramatic details to inviting and warm gold and white color schemes. Warm like fire, red Christmas decor ideas fill homes with dynamic energy. Red Christmas decorations, red holly berries and Santa hats catch the attention like nothing else.

Green Christmas decorations look sophisticated on tree branches, flavored by stylish gold-white color scheme. Green tones create relaxing atmosphere, symbolizing nature.

White and gold Christmas decor ideas, stylish mantel decorating for Christmas

Olive and yellow-green tones offer warm decor toward which people naturally gravitate in winter. Red, yellow, orange, gold and white Christmas decorations feel inviting and optimistic.

Monochromatic Christmas color scheme is a modern Christmas decor trend for winter holiday season. Single color decorating looks gorgeous, and other color details add interesting colorful accents, allowing many attractive color combinations with gold and white.

Traditional green and red Christmas colors with golden Christmas decorations

Christmas ribbons, garlands, painted gold and white branches, pine cones, a mixture of textures, new, old and handmade Christmas decorations add more color and interest to classy gold and white Christmas decor ideas. Experimenting with color schemes should be fun. Even if you do not have enough of gold or white Christmas decorations, wrapping papers and inexpensive ribbons and bows help create Christmas decor in gold and white tones.

White is a neutral color that adds freshness to Christmas decor ideas. Silver and gold bring festive details. Adding other decorating colors create interesting accents. Include your favorite color, add modern silver,white or gold decorations and enjoy stylish Christmas decor, feel happy and energetic.

Rich purple, white and gold Christmas color scheme

Gold with white look fresh, spacious and festive. Adding red, yellow or orange accents to gold and white color palette creates warm and charming Christmas decor. Cool color accents with gold and white color scheme offer bold, icy and elegant Christmas decor ideas.

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