Classic English Country Style Decor Ideas and Home Furnishings

interior decorating ideas and english cottage style decor accessories

Unlike most other decorating styles, the classic style of English country homes uses many different colors, textures and decorative patterns that support cottage style decor ideas, comfortable and simple interior decorating concepts and allow to achieve a cozy, welcoming and pleasant look in almost any home.


English country style decor ideas are timelessly elegant, inviting and stylish. You do not need any specific details or architectural elements from certain periods of time. English country style decor ideas are easy and can be used in any modern home, transforming rooms into beautiful, warm and modern home interiors.

This interior design style is really relaxed and calming. Classic English country style reflects the home owners personality and offer beautiful and comfortable room decor. Classic English style can create casual or formal home interiors, but all rooms are functional and inviting. Home furnishings in classic English style evoke pleasant feelings and bring a peaceful, cozy and warm atmosphere.

English country style decor ideas

English country style decor ideas, living room furniture in soft white and blue colors

English country style decor ideas are bright and soothing, creating airy living spaces that remind of the importance of love and family. Often inspired by the nature, room colors and interior decorating ideas celebrate the natural beauty and simplicity of comfortable, stress-free lifestyle.

Natural fabrics in pleasant pastel colors, white linen curtains and tablecloths, sweet scented floral centerpieces and functional home decorations create  blow in the gentle breeze, or having a centerpiece of sweet scented roses and decorations that literally bring natural and beautiful environment in English country homes.

Nature inspired room colors and decorative patterns, solid wood furniture and upholstery fabrics in light colors

Country style decor, decorative patterns and room colors

Natural room colors, shades and tones that are inspired by beautiful countryside landscapes are ideal for interior decorating in classic English style. Light pastel room colors work well with country home style decor.

Chippendale furniture design defining classic English decorating style

English country garden is a great inspiration for pleasant natural color hues, from subtle blue and green color toes to creamy whites and rosy pink shades, soft yellow color tones and creams. Floral patterns and checks are key decorative patterns to creating English country home style decor.

Decorating home with fabrics in light neutral colors, cottage style decor ideas

Soft curtain fabrics, wallpaper patterns and home fabrics within a room, – furniture upholstery fabrics, bedding fabrics and lamp shades, look tender, pleasant, colorful and relaxing. At least three or four different room colors and complimenting combinations decorative patterns can be used for creating interesting and beautiful classic English country style decor.

English home blending French country home decorating ideas into modern interiors

English country style decor ideas blend natural materials with natural light, reflect the countryside beauty and bring floral prints, simple checks and natural materials into interior decorating.

English country style decor, wood furniture, decorative patterns and room colors inspired by English garden

Traditional room furniture pieces are ideal for classic English home decorating style. Solid wood dark furniture, antiques and high quality modern furniture items look perfect with natural room colors and fine details.

Modern interior decorating with floral patterns and pastel room colors enhancing Classic English style

The classic English home decorating style is not free of small antiques, ornaments, decorative pillows, throws, table runners, furniture covers, figurines and wall decorations. Lamps, floor rugs, chandeliers, family photographs and artworks work really well within country home style decor, giving a lived-in look and cozy feel to interior decorating.

Beautiful home furnishings for comfortable English cottage style decor

Braiding, tassels, intricate embroidery and beads can be included into English country style decor ideas. Arts and crafts,  quilts, tapestries and handmade decor accessories are a terrific way to enhance English country style decor and enhance the natural beauty that surrounds English cottages and countryside homes.

Cool pastel colors and interior decorating ideas creating modern home interiors for spring

English country style decor ideas are about soft pastel room colors, floral patterns and centerpieces, traditional or antique room furniture and decor accessories. Classic English country style decor ideas are cozy, comfortable and pleasant. Interior decorating reflects a love of nature and emphasize comfort and beauty.

Light neutral colors and nature inspired upholstery fabric prints, English cottage style decor ideas

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