Modern Interior Decorating with Floral Designs and Pastel Room Colors Enhancing Classic Style

modern interior decorating in classic style. pastel room colors, vintage furniture, floral wallpaper patterns and home fabrics

Modern room decor ideas in classic style create fabulous, romantic and pleasant home interiors. Elegant vintage furniture, decor accessories and wallpaper patterns in pastel colors blend softness into functional, very comfortable, luxurious and modern interior decorating in classic style. Decor4all shares beautiful home decorating ideas from Harlequin that may inspire to enhance your home decorating in classic style with calming pastel tones, rich color accents, natural fabrics and attractive floral designs.


Here is a new collection Poetica from Harlequin, a British company presenting these gorgeous room decor ideas for spring decorating. The collection of modern wallpaper patterns and home furnishings include all you need to create fresh and stylish rooms. Inspired by wild daffodils, modern wallpaper patterns and textiles bring beautiful English landscapes in spring into home decorating and enhance modern room decor in classic style with fascinating and relaxing pastel room colors.

The collection of modern wallpaper patterns and home furnishings is a great way to add natural themes to interior decorating and create sophisticated and inviting room decor that reflects the natural beauty of the English countryside and country gardens.

Classic room decor ideas in pastel room colors

Modern living room decorating in classic style with rich blue accents, vintage furniture, decor accessories

Nature is the inspiring interior decorating theme, perfect for all rooms in the house. Beautiful floral designs and pastel room colors look fabulous with elegant man-made elements and decorating accents in rich colors. Pastel room colors and natural fibers complement natural motifs, creating an attractive blend of unusual textures and surprising effects.

Creative painting ideas, handmade wallpaper designs, wooden wall panels and even artificially aged floor carpets in soft creamy tones enhance modern interior decorating in classic style by adding modern accents and exciting contrasts to beautiful rooms.

Modern bedroom decorating with natural fabrics, floral designs and pastel room colors

The collection from Harlequin is versatile and beautiful, ideal for living rooms and bedroom decorating in classic style that mixes unique vintage furniture, decor accessories and modern accents with antiques, personalized details and pastel room colors.

Cool pastel colors and spring decorating ideas creating modern home decor

White and pink color combination for spring decorating

Floral designs are fascinating and impressive. Daffodils, poppies and magnolia flowers, silhouettes of trees, ferns and grass are accented with pale and tender watercolor tones. Each design is complemented by texture, adding depth and interest to modern interior decorating.

Modern bathroom decorating with window curtains in pastel colors

Vintage wallpaper patterns, romantic and luxurious embroidery, delicate textiles and natural fibers, combined with pastel room colors, create chic home interiors with elegant, comfortable and sophisticated room decor. Modern wallpaper patterns and extremely attractive floral designs provide wonderful backgrounds for vintage furniture and decor in classic style and accentuate modern interior decorating with natural themes.

Cool gray and blue color palette with bright accents for spring home decorating

21 modern interior decorating ideas bringing stylish blue color shades into room decor

Modern wallpaper patterns and fabric prints turn walls, furniture upholstery and window curtains into stunning centerpieces for interior decorating and enhance room decor ideas in classic style. Soft natural pastel room feel home interiors with quiet and relaxing mood and create inviting and pleasant atmosphere.

Modern wallpaper in pastel pink and white colors

Beautiful pastel room colors include paper, linen, pebble, almond, oat, straw, jute and butter and milky white tones and shades. Coral, peach, pale blue, sunset pink, fern green, pale yellow colors are used to bring attractive and stylish accents into modern interior decorating in vintage style.

Modern interior decorating with light pastel colors

15 Swedish shabby chic decorating ideas celebrating light pastel colors

Rich and dark room colors create additional dramatic effects given personality to modern interior decorating and creating harmony with comfortable wooden furniture in vintage style. Beautiful wallpaper in navy blue, slate, lead and coffee brown colors, combined with pastel room colors add richness and comfort to room decor ideas in classic style.

Modern interior decorating with pastel room colors

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