Creative Kids Room Decorating Ideas for Young Travelers

modern kids room decorating ideas

Kids room decorating ideas, inspired by trips to different countries are interesting and versatile, suitable for boys and girls bedroom decor. Traveling decorating theme is a wonderful idea, the favorite theme for many children and their parent, inviting them to work together at creating stimulating and very personal kids room decor.


Trains, planes, cars and boats, maps and globes, visa stamps, simple themed decorations, like brought in different countries souvenirs and kids toys, are excellent for developing this exciting and attractive room decorating theme.

Traveling inspired decorating ideas give children and their parents an opportunity to add intimate accents and meaningful details to truly unique boys and girls bedroom decor. There is a collection of great kids room decorating ideas that can help you bring the traveling theme into your home.

Travel theme inspired kids room decorating ideas

modern kids room decorating ideas
Creative, functional and modern kids room decorating ideas inspired by travel theme

The kids room is spacious and features tent-like bunk beds. Light room decorating colors and simple decor accessories in neutral color shades create airy and spacious room, spiced up with few accents pillows and wall decorations in rich blue and red colors. The neutral colors and light decorative fabrics make kids room look visually larger.

Floor carpet adds texture to room decorating, while providing a warm place for playing on the floor. All sorts of little things, wooden crafts and kids toys, like dinosaurs and African animals, images of a plane and visa stamps on walls and furniture, create the adventurous atmosphere and remind of trips to different countries.

tent bunk beds and kids room decor in neutral colors
Tent-shaped bunk beds and kids room decor in neutral colors

Beautiful kids room decorating ideas reflect children interests and hobbies. A small house model, painting brushes, antique car models, maps and a globe on the table, books trunk-like ottomans create very personal kids room decor for young travelers.

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A suitcase on the top of a wardrobe and a storage trunk beside the bunk beds increase the effect, supporting the traveling decorating theme and making a statement.

two kids room decorating ideas
Student desk with a globe and shelves with books

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