Handmade Lighting Fixtures from ILIDE, Unique Artisan Lighting Design

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Handmade lighting fixtures from ILIDE are unique, stylish and exclusive. Each lighting fixture is the result of creative design and amazing crafting skills which blend into handmade artisan lighting fixtures, pendant lights and table lamps for gorgeous expressive and emotional Italian decorating.


Artisan lighting fixtures from ILIDE, www.ilide.it/ are exclusively designed and manufactured in Italy. The collection of unique Italian lighting fixtures are the blend of contemporary design,  amazing craftsmanship and innovative high quality.

The identity of these Italian pendant lights and table lamps from ILIDE lies in collaboration between talented designers and skillful Italian craftsmen specialized in the processing of different materials. Unique Italian lighting fixtures are handmade of glass, ceramics, wood or marble, offering unique and exclusive values ​​to be transformed into lighting design.

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artisan pendant lightArtisan pendant light made of glass, unique lighting fixtures

Italian designers demonstrate an amazing sense of style and professional skills, winning lighting design awards and creating stunning lighting fixtures.

More than twenty designers and skilled craftsmen together create  beautiful and stylish, unique and impressive modern lighting  fixtures for home decorating.

handmade pendant lightHandmade pendant light, Italian lighting design

Their lighting designs push modern technology, materials, and handcrafted Italian artistry to the highest level, creating elegant and tasteful unique pendant lights and table lamps.

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Italian lighting design from ILIDE are great for all who appreciate creativity of modernists and like the classic style. Incredible attention to detail is apparent in each lighting fixture, bringing best craftsmanship into modern home decorating ideas.

glass table lampGlass table lamp, unique lighting fixtures from ILIDE

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