Decorative Pillows with Silhouette Appliques, Inspiring Craft Ideas

reindeer and red bow on white pillow

Decorative pillows with simple and elegant silhouette appliques are easy to make, inexpensive and very attractive. Available at, decorative pillows in various designs and colors give great inspirations for creative home decorating, Christmas crafts and making unique gifts for your family members or friends.


Decorative pillows with deer are especially appropriate for Christmas home decorating. You can buy or make excellent Christmas gifts, saving money and showing your talents, skills and love. Handmade decorative pillows are useful, warm and beautiful gifts that delight kids and adults.

You can make similar pillows from scratch, recycling fabric pieces. Knits and crochet designs, decorative pillows with embroidery and applique are always welcomed gift ideas.

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Handmade decorative pillows with appliques

christmas decorating accessories, pillows with deer applique
Christmas decorating accessories, sofa pillows with deer appliques

Making pillows are excellent ideas for winter decorating and Christmas gifts that help save you money while recycling fabric and yarn that clutter your home.

Eco friendly recycled felt or wool are perfect for creating soft and beautiful eco friendly gifts and decor accessories in winter.

black pillows with white appliques
Black and white pillows with appliques

The pieces of felt are sewn on to the decorative fabric and create simple and elegant winter themed decorations.

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Decorative pillows, lined with muslin and filled with high quality fiberfill, look professionally designed, but skillfully handmade.

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