christmas decorations

cock woodcrafts

Rooster ornaments are forgotten, but beautiful and elegant Christmas decorations that bring a nostalgic mood and vibrant colors to winter holiday decor. From ancient times, the rooster decorations are symbolic elements of home decorating. The rooster is a symbol of the eternal return of the new…

simple craft ideas for winter decorating and holiday table centerpieces

Christmas crafts are special. Christmas is a wonderful winter holiday, celebrating the event which created a profound difference in the world and defined certain traditions. Winter crafts and handmade Christmas decorations are one of the traditions people enjoy. Decor4all collection of handmade Christmas decorations include simple…

christmas decorations and table centerpieces with lemons

Christmas decorating with lemons looks bright and warm. Yellow color of lemons enhance the natural beauty and elegant simplicity of Christmas decorating ideas. Lemons are perfect fruits for festive and colorful holiday decor. Decor4all shares ideas for beautiful Christmas decorating with lemon yellow color. Warm yellow…

hanging christmas tree decorating ideas in german style

Upside down Christmas tree, decorated with beautiful glass ornaments, Christmas balls and angels create fabulous holiday decor in Medieval German Style. Christmas is considered by Germans to be the most important of the major holidays. Creative, festive and meaningful Christmas tree decoration enhance the spirit of…

handmade snowflake decorations in modern interiors

Snowflakes are amazing, beautiful and captivating. They bring interesting shapes into winter home decorating and brighten up home interiors. Snowflakes are versatile for any winter decorating style and suitable for all rooms and outdoor living spaces. Unique and gorgeous snowflakes give great inspirations for creating wonderful…

classic Christmas decor in white green and red colors

Red colors are perfect for festive, bright and traditional Christmas decorating. Living room designs, especially those with fireplaces, look warm and spectacular with Christmas decorations in green and red colors. Adding accents in different colors and combining them with white decorating ideas bring more fun into…

cheap home decorations made with felt balls

Christmas tree decorations, window curtains and hanging lamps decorations created with colorful handmade felt balls look fabulous while bringing unique, creative and playful designs into your home interiors and helping save money on room decor. Home decorations made with felt balls are fantastic. Felt balls look…

craft ideas for making decorations with pompoms

These amazing –∑ompoms are soft, playful and friendly. Interesting designs and bright colors turn pompoms into beautiful home decorations, Christmas tree ornaments, holiday gifts and kids toys, bringing handmade items into your home and creating warm atmosphere in your rooms. Handmade pompoms in car, Christmas tree…

how to make cheap home decorations for christmas decorating

Christmas decorating ideas can be simple and inexpensive, but creative and unique, turning walls and holiday tables into spectacular displays that set festive mood and impress with colorful and beautiful designs. Making your own Christmas decorations and table centerpieces with old items you have at home…

handmade christmas tree decorations and holiday ornaments created with pompoms

Simple Christmas decorating ideas with handmade pompoms help to recycle yarn and fabric leftovers and create unique ornaments for winter holidays. Colorful pompoms make¬† wonderful Christmas tree decorations. Garlands and winter wreaths are beautiful Christmas crafts that can be created with pompoms in seasonal colors. Pompoms…

handmade felt christmas decorations and unique gifts

Homemade Christmas tree decorations looks familiar and sentimental. Made of wood, paper or felt Christmas tree decorations are a wonderful alternative to store bought plastic ornaments. Homemade Christmas crafts give your holiday decor that warm, old-fashioned feeling and create beautiful and relaxing Christmas atmosphere. Handmade Christmas…

christmas crafts, handmade home decorations, snowman christmas tree ornaments

Handmade snowmen are wonderful, playful and versatile Christmas tree ornaments and home decorations, that are suitable for all winter holidays. There are many creative ways to make these decorations. Reuse and recycle what you have at home and add a fabulous winter decoration to your home…

mirror decorated with snowflake garland

Delicate paper snowflakes add fanciful geometric designs and fresh white color to winter holiday decor. Simple and elegant these handmade Christmas decorations are the perfect inspiration for Christmas crafts for kids and adults, and creative recycling paper projects in winter that make very special and cheap…

paper crafts for christmas decoration

Christmas crafts are excellent ideas recycling paper, fabrics and wood. Making Christmas crafts saves money and offers wonderful activities your can share with your friends, children and family members. Paper crafts make excellent gifts and unique handmade Christmas decorations that turn your rooms into a winter…

christmas crafts for holiday decoration

Paper snowflakes are gracious and weightless handmade Christmas decorations that create a fantastic display. These universally appealing winter holiday decorations add amazing and unique designs, fresh white color and symbolic images to holiday decor. Paper snowflakes are gracious

cardboard deer wall decoration with green christmas wreath

Last minute Christmas decorating ideas add season appropriate details to your home interiors and exterior, setting a festive mood and making your home look inviting. Here is a collection of simple and elegant, fast to make and eco friendly handmade Scandinavian designs

mushroom with christmas embroidery

Handmade embroidery is a wonderful way to create charming and unique Christmas decorations and prepare very special, personal and beautiful Christmas gifts for your friends and family members. Creating handmade Christmas decorations, gift

christmas lights for party table decoration

Black Christmas ideas are elegant, mysterious and unique. Black Christmas decor with shiny golden and silver accents create chic atmosphere and add a glamorous look to your living room or holiday party table decoration. Black color, combined

reindeer and red bow on white pillow

Decorative pillows with simple and elegant silhouette appliques are easy to make, inexpensive and very attractive. Available at, decorative pillows in various designs and colors give great inspirations for creative home decorating, Christmas crafts and making unique

vintage christmas balls

Old Christmas decorations, antique ornaments, Christmas tree tops and garlands, are a great way to bring vintage style into your home for winter holiday season and save money on Christmas decorating, spending more on presents, fun and delicious food. Here are tips for unique vintage

paper craft ideas, frame with deer for wall decoration

Winter decorating with deer images, figurines and Christmas tree decorations is symbolic and meaningful. Deer decorations bring the natural theme into modern homes and add interesting and pleasant details to modern home interiors. Creative Christmas decorating and New Year Eve party table

handmade christmas decorations for window sill

Simple window decoration is a way to add interesting and comforting designs to your rooms during winter holidays. Winter themed decor ideas look joyous and inviting. Elegant Christmas decorating ideas add charm to winter homes and make driving down a snowy lane with your family in…

glass christmas tree decorations with black and white photographs

Personalized Christmas tree decorations are a great idea that is surprising and delightful, making your winter holiday decor unique, interesting and unusual. Available from, The TinyGarden, glass Christmas balls with photographs

yarn christmas tree with red ornaments

Miniature Christmas trees make excellent Christmas table centerpieces, adding a personal touch and original designs to winter holiday decor. Miniature Christmas trees are inexpensive, but beautiful and original Christmas decorations that show your skills and talents while saving your money

lantern with candles and christmas lights

Traditional Christmas decorating ideas and classic color combination of white, red and green are timeless and are here to stay, perfect for country home decorating and holiday decor in vintage style. However, fresh Christmas decorating ideas and modern winter holiday decorating colors add interest and novelty…

holiday table centerpieces

Plants are great Christmas table decorations that will continue to delight you, your family members and guests after winter holidays. Blooming plants are excellent last minute winter holiday table decorations that transform your dining room decor in no time. Bright and pleasant, plants

pine cone with red ribbon

Handmade Christmas decorations and simple craft ideas are about peaceful time and creativity. Easy to make, unique and inexpensive homemade Christmas decorations feel nostalgic and warm, offering comfortable Christmas decorating ideas and saving time and energy for celebrating