Eclectic Interior Decorating, No Particular Style

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Eclectic interior has no particular style. Eclectic rooms are not associated with one time period or influence. Eclectic interior design is an excellent way to showcase treasures, unique furniture pieces and decor accessories from few different sources. Eclectic rooms can be decorated in elegant style, artfully mixing classic or antique pieces with functional contemporary ones.


Eclectic style as a way of decorating homesĀ  was born during the Victorian era. Travelers brought back souvenirs from many countries all over the world, which had to be mixed with Victorian style decorating accessories. Collections and individual pieces had history and personal significance, reminded owners of events and different cultures. (Eclectic style colors, textures, shapes)

Eclectic style is a way of decorating that unites various pieces that have their own character, texture and colors, creating attractive eclectic interior design that feels very personal, charming and unique for each home. Eclectic rooms can be formal and casual, creating the atmosphere the owner wants. Well selected and mixed eclectic style furniture and decorating accessories create sophisticated and stylish eclectic rooms.

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Eclectic interior design is defined by lack of consistency in home furnishings, color tones and decorating details. The most important thing is artfully mix all different items for creating aesthetically pleasing eclectic rooms.

Eclectic interior design is interesting? unpredictable and very personal. Eclectic design ideas create a sense of unity in rooms, showing the relationships among various elements, uniting different interior design styles and origins.

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Eclectic interior furniture can be very different in style. Usually room decor materials include typical materials of all regions, where furniture and decorating accessories were made. Handcrafted and unique furniture and decor accessories can be made of exotic wood, rubber wood, teak, bamboo and Japanese cedar.

Finished, painted or unfinished wood, metal, rice paper or animal skin are important elements of eclectic interior design.

Natural fabrics, traditional prints, as batik and silk, add charming accents to eclectic interiors. Leather, natural oriental area rugs and woven grasses look great with unique pieces in eclectic rooms. (Sculptured contemporary rugs, floor decor ideas)

Bold and vibrant colors are typical for eclectic design ideas. (Color trends, charming pink paint colors for walls) Natural and neutral colors help create eclectic interior interior design with cool and quiet Zen look.

Eclectic design ideas include unique handmade decorating accessories and furniture pieces. Tribal arts and crafts, made of natural traditional materials, like metal, celadon, wood, semi-precious stones or pottery decorations give the eclectic interior design style unique charm and chic. (10 modern simple wall decoration ideas with fabric)

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