Modern Interior Design in Eclectic Style with Parisian Chic

interior decorating in eclectic style with unique lighting fixtures and french paintings

Modern interior design in European eclectic style bring Parisian chic into homes, creating intriguing and romantic rooms that celebrate light, colors, textures and art. Parisian style home decorating is great for apartments and homes with high ceiling and beautiful architectural features, large windows and pretty balconies.


Rich colors and textures, deep green and royal blue, combined with black, gray and white tones, and beautiful furniture upholstery fabrics, soft cushions and luxurious curtains, add Parisian chic and elegance to interior decorating ideas in eclectic style.

Gilt touches and golden home decorations bring an accent color into room decor. Gilt is emphasizing architectural details, furniture decoration with carved ornaments and curved shapes. Eclectic style blends classic interior design ideas with modern furniture, creating beautiful French decor that is comfortable and artistic.

interior decorating in eclectic style with unique lighting fixtures and french paintingsModern interior design in eclectic style, inspired by French decor and Parisian style apartment decorating

Vintage French decor items, signs and clocks, images of the Eiffel Tower and posters, are blended with toile and fleurs de lis, roosters and chateaux, pastoral scenes and Monet impressionist paintings for impressive and colorful interior design, celebrating Parisian style chic.

Modern interior design, inspired by French decor, add Parisian chic to classic home decorating ideas, blending unique room decor accessories, exciting textures and rich colors into cheerful and fresh home interiors in eclectic style.

Velvet and silk, damask and brocade, traditional toiles and modern designer fabrics add Paris chic to eclectic interior design. Checked fabrics, old world tassels and fringes, dynamic stripes and paisley designs, soft linen and leather are excellent for creating modern interior design in Parisian style.

Eclectic decor with Parisian chic

Classic interior design ideas, stucco decoration, large chandeliers, traditional picture frames and luxurious decorative fabrics, blended with artistic furniture pieces, modernistic lighting designs and traditional French decor colors,create unusual and modern interior design in eclectic style.

Elegant French home interior trend, light room decorating ideas

Art Nouveau interior decorating ideas with Indonesian crafts

Contemporary wall decor ideas, plastic chair and extravagant lights, glass and metal combination that celebrate simple geometric shapes, add artistic flavor to modern interior design in eclectic style. The collection of unique art objects plays an important part in creating beautiful eclectic decor with Parisian chic and style.

Interior decorating in eclectic style

Eclectic style colors, tectures and shapes

Decorative figurines and ornaments, black and white photographs and impressionist paintings make interior design ideas feel exclusive and expensive, creating the atmosphere if a small museum. Antique room decor items and ethnic decorations, paintings bought on a flee market and souvenirs, brought from Asia create interesting and very personal eclectic decor.

Modern interior design with French chic, exquisite room decorating ideas

French country home decorating ideas from Provence

Walls and ceiling stucco decorations, modern furniture and neutral gray color palette, spiced up with bright accents, create gorgeous blend of relaxing , elegant and modern interior design ideas that fill rooms, decorated in eclectic style, with unique French flavor and famous Parisian chic.

  Posted: 23.11.2011 by Decor4all