Russian Interior Decorating Style, Vintage Decor Ideas for Modern Interiors

torchiere decorated with lace

Russian interior decorating style creates traditional look. Modern interior design retain the love of luxury, chic and beauty of antique and vintage decor. Russian interior decorating style is a part of rich culture, which is always reflected in comfortable and warm, expensive and unique modern interior design ideas.


Modern Russian interior decorating style can be remarkably luxurious or elegantly simple, celebrating a fusion of classic and country home design ideas, minimalist  interior and traditional Russian home decor style. Modern interiors, created for a private Russian language school for adults vividly present Russia, a hospitable country with old traditions, its character and unique culture.

Russian Village was opened in Moscow. Fabulous interior decorating ideas beautifully reflect Russian character, past and present, blending the spirit of the early twentieth century Russian home with modern interior design.

wall tiles designs in retro styleRetro style wall tile design for Russian home decorating

Each decorative element of modern interiors in Russian style is  filled with a unique meaning.  Handmade wall decorations and furniture create unique character of Russian heritage home.

The private Russian language school for adults is for those hwo enjoy Russian literature and wants to improve the knowledge of Russian language and culture. Inspired by Russian literature, symbolic and classy interior decorating elements and vintage decor create a special atmosphere of a Russian home in early 20th century.

carved wood furnitureCarved wood furniture, window bench for retro kitchen design in Russian style

The symbolism is a part of Russian interior decorating style. Comfortable and welcoming modern interior design ideas, vintage decor, warm and relaxing decorating colors create a cottage like atmosphere, typical for Russian home interiors in early 20th century.

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Country home decor style for summer house from Russian designers

Natural and pleasant interior decorating colors are very important for creating traditional interior design in Russian style. Green and turquoise, mint and white cream interior decorating colors create a relaxing and warm palette with golden yellow and brown color shades of natural wood.

country home living room designVintage furniture and wall decoration for country home living room design in retro style

Flowers in decorative vases, floral curtain fabrics and pillows with roses, natural furniture upholstery fabric with soft stripes or floral patterns and flower paintings add charm and bright color accents to calming and peaceful Russian home decor.

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Traditional home decorating style

Wood floor and walls, carved wood screens and vintage furniture, blended with soft decorative fabrics and lace create country home-like modern interior decorating in Russian style. Unique wall tiles, large chandeliers, a torchiere, decorated with lace and large table lamps in retro style add comfortable chic to the living room, dining room and kitchen interiors, inviting to watch a movie, listen to music or discuss books, while enjoying meals and tea in Russian style.

design by Viphouse, photos by Luchin

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