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Eclectic interior design style is about mixing and matching various furniture pieces of different origin and time periods. Finding the similarity in these objects is the art of eclectic interior decorating. Room decorating ideas, that emphasize the color, shape or texture that can unite different decor items, create harmonious eclectic interiors, decorated in style.


The color, material, fabric or texture can beautifully combine oriental and European home furnishings, antique and contemporary pieces and make your eclectic decor look unique and personal. Interesting combinations of fabric patterns in contrasting or matching colors add charm and chic to eclectic interior design style.

You can add color with attractive beads, tinsels, tassels, ribbons or pieces with handmade embroidery, area rugs and lighting fixtures, window curtains or wooden shutters and bring harmony into your home decor with accent color or exciting texture. The main thing is all items should have one theme, which helps to unite them for creating balanced and elegant room decorating ideas.

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The color is an excellent theme in eclectic interior. Similar color or contrasting and complimenting color combinations, like red and green, white and black, offer impressive room decorating ideas that feel dynamic and stylish.

The shape is another element of eclectic interior design style that can be the theme for your room decorating. Round or oval decor items, rectangular and square objects or furniture pieces and accessories with soft edges can be selected for eclectic style room decor.

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Eclectic style unites Old World paintings and contemporary wall decor. Your own art works can be placed beside classic paintings. Small details that are similar are very important, when you choose eclectic style for your room decorating.

The color, texture, fabric, mosaic or carving pattern, shape or proportions can become the theme of your room decorating. Eclectic interiors color contrasts, various textures and similarity in details bring optimism, create the balance and add harmony to room decorating ideas.

Neutral and comfortable tones, elegant off-white and black are great background colors for displaying unique room decor items. All shades of white, cream, gray, black, brown, grayish yellow and beige are perfect choice for walls and large pieces of furniture.

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