25 Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas and Inspirations

colorful bird decorations and table lamp

Shabby chic decorating is a relatively new interior decorating style. Shabby chic decorating style was born in Great Britain and evokes the type of decoration found in large country homes where there are worn and faded old furniture and decor accessories, paintwork and unassuming good taste.


Shabby chic decorating style aims to achieve an elegant overall effect, as opposed to the sentimentally cute and luxurious room decor in modern Victorian style. Recycling old furniture, decorative accessories and shabby chic fabrics is an important aspect of the wonderful, relaxing and pleasant look.

Shabby chic decorating was especially popular with modern Bohemians and artisans that made up a sidelined counter-culture movement during the 1980s when expensive, high quality room decor became very fashionable with the upper middle classes. The original shabby chic interiors were usually considered works of art.

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Shabby chic decorating ideas

dining furniture in vintage style
Shabby chic table and chairs, dining room decorating in vintage style

The early forms of shabby chic were rather grand, but the shabby chic decorating style has evolved taking inspirations from many other interior decorating styles. These range from 18th century Swedish painted decoration, the French country and American Shakers where simplicity and plainness was essential for creating beautiful and comfortable room decor.

Shabby chic ideas are about wearing look. British designer Rachel Ashwell, who did not like modern thenĀ  minimalist style, gave a new life to lovely old English traditions of home decorating for comfort and style. Rachel Ashwell has a hobby. She liked to buy cheap old furniture at flea markets and then restore it, transforming into pretty shabby chic furniture for interior decorating in classic style.

vintage style for bedroom decorating
Charming bedroom decorating in vintage style, shabby chic bed and bedding in white and cream colors

She furnish her own home with beautiful shabby chic furniture and decor accessories and then she continued to sell shabby chic furniture to others. Her shabby chic table and chair designs followed by the line of shabby chic accessories and shabby chic fabrics created a gorgeous collection of home furnishings and defined the shabby chic decorating style.

Vintage style mushrooms and butterflies decorations, recycled crafts and shabby chic fabrics

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Restored shabby chic furniture and decorative accessories, cute little things with antique look and feel got very popular and made the designer famous and rich.

kitchen decorating ideas in vintage style
Shabby chic kitchen, wood furniture in white color, shabby chic fabrics and shelves decorated with antique boxes and pitchers

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