Fabulous Contemporary Chair Design by Ali Alavi Inspired by Gracious Swans

chair design inspired by swan

The Serenad chair design by Ali Alavi impress with its elegant form and unusual look. This contemporary chair design is inspired by the unique sleeping position of a swan and expresses love we feel for these gracious birds. Polished metal surfaces and organic curves create very attractive and distinct chair design.


A swan hides its head between wings as it graciously floats on the water. This chair design creatively reflects it with soft curves and organic lines that look gorgeous, supported by polish metal texture.

Unusual and  contemporary chair design feel extravagant and captivating. Polished chrome finish reflects light, creating fascinating reflections that visually embellish the chair design.

Painting on swan feathers, Moiri style feathers decorations

Charming home accents, new collection of decorative accessories from Lladro

chair design inspired by swanFabulous contemporary chair design inspired by swan
living room chairGracious living room chair, polished chrome finish

Polished metal chair mirrors interior decor colors and patterns, making this original design versatile and suitable for any color palette, selected for contemporary interior decorating.

This contemporary chair is a simple way to create a gorgeous centerpiece and adorn room decor with fabulous design that makes an artistic statement.

unique chair shaped like swanUnique furniture design inspired by gorgeous birds, living room chair in contemporary style
Unique furniture design, designer chair Serenad

  Posted: 05.09.2012 by Decor4all