Paintings on Swan Feathers, Maori Style Feathers Decorations

apples and bird painting on a swan feather

Swan feathers decorations with handmade paintings from Ian Davey are unique, tender and beautiful. Inspired by Maori art and spectacular beauty of New Zealand, a Maori artist, who lives now in England, creates wonderful paintings on bird feathers that make gorgeous gifts and home decorations.


The Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand, they are Polynesians who comprise about 14 percent of theĀ  population. Ian Davey is a self-taught artist who enjoys and promotes Maori art and crafts. Without any formal art education the artist revives the ancient crafts of Maori people.

Famous Maori haka, the war dance, impressive bone carvings, beautiful Maori art and crafts are parts of this ancient culture. Paintings on swan feathers, inspired by New Zealand landscapes and the elegance of gracious birds, look impressive and beautiful as well.

paintings on swan feathersMaori art and crafts, hand paintings on swan feathers

The work requires great patience and talent. Swan feathers are primed and then decorated with fine painting in traditional Maori style. Acrylic paints are the only contemporary part of the proccess of making beautiful crafts of swan feathers.

Like unique Chinese paintings on silk, Maory style paintings on feathers are famous ethnic art and craft ideas. Bird feathers surface is not easy to paint on and paintings on swan feathers are made with tiny brushes on very small painting areas.

Paintings on swan feathers are unique and exclusive crafts that make charming and romantic gifts. Here are some amazing paintings, created on soft feather used as canvas.

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