Fusion of Contemporary Minimalist and Classic Home Decorating Styles

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Contemporary minimalist interior and classic home decorating styles are very different, but the fusion of two opposite interior design styles are a modern trend that creates unique, functional and comfortable homes. The founder of minimalist style interior design, Pier-Luigi Frigetto does not believe rumors about this progressive and solitary interior style death.


Beautiful collections of home accents and fresh furniture decoration ideas are a proof that contemporary minimalist interior design style, which is a part of industrial mentality, is alive and developing, blending with different home decorating styles and influencing modern interior design trends.

Minimalist interior design style does not have historical home decorating style to mimic. Neoclassical interior style adapts and copies historic palaces interior decorating style. Progressive and lonely, minimalist interior style is a cultural reality, that requires functional and man friendly interior decorating ideas.

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The evolution of minimalist decor style and fusion of minimalist and classic home decorating styles will create unique and beautiful modern homes with comfortable interior design and attractive furniture decoration ideas, new contemporary materials, room colors and classic home decor accents.

Strict thin lines is just one element of contemporary minimalist interior style. The designer says the main thing is compliance with proportions.

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Minimalist style is about interior design for modern life and real people. New interpretations of minimalist style in interior design become more important. Minimalist interior design style brings ease and spaciousness into room decorating, offering modern interpretation of a shelter for busy people.

Eclectic interior decorating style

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Sleek interior design ideas can coexist with soft blankets, large pillows and flowers. Classic interior style furniture decoration ideas add charm to minimalist interior design, changing the atmosphere and offering friendly and beautiful room decorating ideas.

Eco interior design style colors

Minimalist style interior design is about little details. Small home decor accents, wrong room colors can destroy the harmony and balance of minimalist style interior design. Also minimalist interior style is open for contemporary experiments and inspired by classic decor style furniture decoration ideas.

Loft interior decorating

Fusion of styles create attractive, unique and comfortable furniture and room decorating ideas, bringing the wormth and cosiness of classic decor style into minimalist style interior design.

Made entirely of stainless steel and glass, home interiors look cold. The warmth of wood and elegant beauty of floral fabrics and modern wallpapers helps find a middle ground and create contemporary minimalist interior style with classic decor style charm.

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Minimalist style interior design add more classic style decor accents, like blankets, rugs, vases, lamps and curtains to modern room decorating, offering attractive, classic interior style inspired, minimalist furniture decoration ideas for modern homes

Art Deco decor style

Monogram, carved flowers ornaments and everything, including room colors, associated with classic interior style, will be blended with minimalist decor style. Classic and Contemporary interior design styles will be intertwined in minimalist style interior design, giving each other energy for development.

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Antique and classic home decorating objects are great inspirations for contemporary interior design styles. Minimalist style furniture can include elements of Baroque sculpture. Pure minimalist decor style can feel too cold for people, who appreciate comfort and coziness of Old World home decorating styles.

Retro interior style

Upholstered furniture decoration ideas changing, influenced by classic decor style. Soft and cozy decorating fabrics, leather, and new materials allow to create something fundamentally different and exciting for fusion of styles.

Modern interior trends, decorative fabrics

Super soft leather, that feels like fabric, and classic wood, combined with glass and metal are latest trends that will help achieve incredible sensations.

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