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eclectic decor and modern interior decorating ideas

Modern decor ideas are surprising and spectacular. Innovative design ideas are blended with creative interior decorating solutions, bright colorful accents and stylish details that produce unexpected and amazing effects. Decor4all shares interesting, colorful and modern interior decorating ideas, unusual lighting design,  room furniture and decor accessories…

Modern home decor ideas that blend classic home furnishings with exotic accents define the unique vintage style, a blend of European and Asian interior decorating concepts. Decor4all presents new modern ideas and home furnishings in unique vintage style from PROVASI. Modern home decor ideas in vintage…

Modern interior decorating ideas in classy vintage style of 1940s look impressive, comfortable and luxurious, giving great inspirations for bringing Bohemian chic style into your living room, bedroom or dining room. Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills shows off its new look and luxurious…

Modern chair TORII is designed by Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance and demonstrate a stylish furniture design that harmoniously bridges Western and Asian interior furniture design traditions. This modern interior furniture piece is about functionality and emotions, blending traditional

Beautiful interior decor enrich unique interior design, creating stunning Alpine chalet with a gorgeous vies of Mont Blanc. Creative and artistic cottage style decor ideas, original crafts and artworks, rustic details and sophisticated furniture

Beautiful apartment ideas blend modern home furnishings in classic style with exclusive and spectacular Art Deco decor accents, creating elegant and functional rooms for adults and children. The fusion of styles and luxurious apartment ideas transformed this old flat in Kiev, Ukraine into

Interior decor ideas in pop art style look unique, extraordinary and bold. Pop art style is one of the most humorous, provocative and amusing interior decorating style, popular among young and bohemian artists and designers and perfect for decorating beauty salons and design studios. People who

Apartment ideas from European interior decorator Marina Putilovskaya are inspired by bright personality of her customer. Sumptuous interior decorating ideas are perfect for a successful, energetic and elegant woman who successfully balances her professional career and active

Home lighting fixtures from Barobier&Toso demonstrate new style that make fusion of retro styles and modern lighting design ideas look fresh, innovative and gorgeous. Italian designers offer chandeliers, floor lamps and pendant lights that are unique, elegant, comfortable and very decorative

The Tuscan home where Luigi Cavalli lives and rests between business trips is located on a hill in Punta Ala, Tuscany. This beautiful Tuscan house is built of local stone, called Pietra di Scarlino, because it is mined in a small town Skarlino, not far from…

Interior decorating in Eastern Mediterranean style from Russian architectural design studio IntraDesign harmoniously blend Italian luxury and exotic Eastern charm. Moscow apartment decorating ideas add eclectic flavor to glamorous Italian motifs and Eastern

Unusual porcelain vases with holes and ears, created for BD Barcelona are unique and very decorative home accessories that help create an attractibe fusion of styles, combining a traditional material of the classic style and modernistic design, for exciting, playful, elegant

Mediterranean decorating ideas are warm and sensual. Unique, comfortable and modern interior decorating ideas, inspired by Cyprus island beauty, create an attractive blend of soft white and rich colors, natural decorative fabrics and materials, used for centuries in traditional Greek

Russian interior decorating style creates traditional look. Modern interior design retain the love of luxury, chic and beauty of antique and vintage decor. Russian interior decorating style is a part of rich culture, which is always reflected in comfortable and warm, expensive and unique modern interior…

Creativity and freedom, unpredictable interior decorating ideas and comfortable luxury, surprising decorating color combinations and unusual blends of traditional and contemporary decorative materials create an exciting mixture of interior design styles for home decorating in 2012

Art deco decorating ideas make modern interior design feel personal and unique. Art deco interiors and the fusion of styles are modern interior design trends that bring modern art into home decor, blending art works and art deco furniture with functional and comfortable interior design

Contemporary minimalist interior and classic home decorating styles are very different, but the fusion of two opposite interior design styles are a modern trend that creates unique, functional and comfortable homes. The founder of minimalist style interior design, Pier-Luigi Frigetto does not believe

Modern interior design brings interesting and unexpected color combinations, brave and beautiful room decorating ideas in fusion style into modern homes, celebrating personality, good taste and uniqueness.