Gorgeous Interior Decorating Ideas Beautifying Homes with Purple Color

purple interior paint for turning antique metal objects into home decorations

Interior decorating ideas that incorporate light purple color shades in home decor turn rooms into romantic, peaceful, stylish and gorgeous living spaces. Tender and calming, elegant interior decorating with light purple color shades is a way to create balance and tranquil atmosphere in stylish and attractive rooms.


Purple color shades offer many hues, from lavender purple and plum or rich indigo and elegant bluish and grayish purple color tones. All purple color shades look unusual and interesting, especially when combined with white or citrus yellow, emerald green and bold green colors, orange and rich blue color tones.

Interior decorating schemes that combine black, gray and brown color shades with light purple color look comfortable and fresh. Light purple color is great for calming and tender interior decorating. Light purple home furnishings, modern wallpaper patterns or interior paint look gorgeous beautifying room decor.

Interior decorating ideas with dark and light purple color

purple interior paint and sofa upholstery fabric
Living room decorating with purple wall art, window curtains and sofa pillow in light purple color

Tender light purple color creates a relaxing effect, Interior decorating color schemes that include light purple color feel pleasant, unique and stylish. Lavender purple color and light pinkish purple color tones are excellent choices for creating romantic and inviting room decor.

Lavender purple color, combined with green color create interior decorating color schemes that are pleasant to the eye and wonderful for relaxation. Bedroom decor and kids rooms feel creative and fresh with walls decorated with interior paint or wallpaper patterns in light purple color tones. Kitchen and dining room decorating color schemes that feature light purple color shades make people eat less and feel calm.

purple curtains and bed headboard upholstery fabric for bedroom decorating
Bedroom decorating with home fabrics in light purple color

Purple color combinations

Lavender purple color is a great alternative for interior decorating with pink color shades. Lavender purple colors looks very romantic and soft. This light color is versatile and offers easy solutions for matching colors, creating bright and harmonious interior decorating with dark purple and rich blue colors, all shades of green color, yellow and orange colors, black and brown color tones or versatile beige and gray color.

Bathroom decorating ideas, romantic gray and purple color combination

Contemporary bathroom decorating ideas, bright pink and purple color combinations

Lavender purple tones look amazing with wood and metal, glass and ceramic, wallpaper and natural stone. Wood furniture and decor accessories made of wood create warm, bright and beautiful interior decorating with light purple home furnishings, interior paint or modern wallpaper patterns in light purple color.

purple wall paint and white china for interior decorating
Light purple interior paint and white china, fresh and bright interior decorating ideas

Lavender purple color is an excellent choice for decor accessories and furniture upholstery fabrics, window curtains and throws, decorative pillows and bedding. They make interior decorating color schemes feel fresh, airy and cozy.

Silver, black and lavender purple color combinations, chic interior decorating ideas

Contemporary Italian decorating ideas blending purple color into gorgeous interior design

Blending lavender purple interior paint, wallpaper pattern or home furnishings with black or gray color, silver, white or pink pearl tones, yellow cream or beige creates amazing interior decorating color schemes that turn rooms into sophisticated and glamorous home interiors.

Purple butterfly decoration on fabric and flowers

Lavender purple color, mixed with light blue and green colors or soft pink tones, is ideal for feminine interior decorating ideas. Dark purple, black, gray and brown color shades, rich blue and emerald green colors, golden yellow and grayish white tones, combined with lavender purple color, offer attractive muscular interior decorating ideas.

Dark and light purple color shades for interior decorating

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