Modern Interior Design, Decorating Ideas, Room Colors Inspired by Kandinsky Art

bright room colors for home decorating in kandinsky style

Modern interior design trends look back at classic artworks for inspirations. The history of modern design, architecture and art blend into colorful and bold rooms created with bright colors and simple geometric shapes. Decor4all shares an expert advice for interior decorating and creating exclusive atmosphere inspired by spectacular, vibrant, and unusual Kandinsky artworks.


Geometric shapes and bright colors are all around us, providing fabulous inspirations for modern interior design in Kandinsky style. You can apply paint or adorn small home decorations in this colorful style, blending simple geometric, shapes with vivid colors. Bright primary colors are perfect for creating dramatic accents, transform surfaces, and bring energy into modern interior design

Colorful interior decorating ideas inspired by Kandinsky art

Kandinsky art, letters in bright colors created with simple geometric shapes

Bright room colors and simple geometric shapes can dramatically transform home interiors and turn something just functional into pleasing the eye and decorative. Carved wood furniture and soft curves can be changed to contemporary items in minimalist style, straight lines and simple geometric shapes. Comfortable brown colors and neutral color tones can be spiced up with bold and brave colorful accents to bring the spirit of Kandinsky art into modern interior decorating.

Ideas for modern bedroom decorating with paintings and prints

Modern interior decorating with paintings

Colorfully painted surfaces instead of elaborately carved details will highlight extravagant and bold interior design, beautiful and balanced for informed eyes. Kandinsky art inspired color combinations and interior decorating ideas are a perfect alternative to mass produced home furnishings and lacking interest design. Unique and original home interiors and exciting color combinations are inspiring and fascinating.

Kandinsky art for wall decoration

A remarkable school in Weimar, Germany, called the Bauhaus, was a place where all the old meanings were thrown out. The most basic elements of color, shape and form were used to design and decorate in a fresh and innovative style. Rich room colors transformed plain walls. Modern furniture formed out of bent chromed steel tubes with wicker seats looked original and novel.

Unique paintings on swan feathers, Maori style handmade decorations and gifts

Contemporary Italian decorating ideas, blending artworks into room design

Unique furniture and bright room colors look crisp and fresh. Pottery and china, silver serving pieces, woven and printed fabrics, interesting interior decorating, bright room colors, distinct artworks and architectural elements, combined with graphic designs and geometric shapes create amazing, artistic and spectacular home interiors and offices.

Modern interior design and decorating with bright colors inspired by Kandinsky art

Artists that taught in the school left works that inspire interior designers today. Klee, Albers and Kandinsky are famous artists who influence modern trends and provide dynamic ideas for interior decorating.

Original fabric applique and embroidered designs turning pillows into artworks

Luxurious home furnishings in Renaissance style

The use of glass opened interior design and turned contemporary homes and buildings into glass boxes with the entire wall design in glass. Steel and concrete are used in similarly innovative and creative ways. Simple geometric shapes and decoration patterns, bright room colors and striking contrasts are modern interior decorating ideas influenced by these artists.

Modern living room design and decorating with bright accents in blue and green colors

Modern interior decorating inspired by Kandinsky art is bright, light and open. Room decorating is enriched with colorful accents and bold home furnishings or artworks. Fewer pieces are used for interior decorating, but each item is beautiful and unique, giving character to interior design and enhancing the amazing style.

Modern wall decorating with Juju hats

Amazing artworks in vintage style, recycling crafts

Custom made room furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures, powerful artworks and innovative texture combinations make modern interior decorating appealing and very special. All glass and white decorating ideas, simple ceiling designs with light oak wood floors, the china and silver, which are simple, unique and elegant, contribute to the exclusive interior decorating.

Unique lighting fixture and colorful floor decoration, modern living room design with fireplace and small home office

Creative blends of old and new bring fabulous antiques and vintage style items into modern interiors. High quality and exclusive design blend well creating an interesting fusion of styles.

Decorative plate paintings by Molly Hatch

Art Nouveau decorating style, beautiful room decorating ideas

Clean-lined, dramatic and modern interior decorating and bright room colors combined with unique pieces in vintage style, unusual and beautiful designs and colorful geometric shapes are great for adding wonderful artistic style to your living spaces offering fantastic opportunities to show off good design.

Spectacular living room design with piano and chairs in purple color
Unique lighting fixture, leather chairs and glass top table for dining room decorating
Bold bright colors, Kandinsky interior design

Room colors inspirations for interior decorating, art inspired by Kandinsky artworks

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