Silver Black and Lavender Color Combination, Chic Interior Decorating

purple furniture upholstery fabrics and decorative pillows

Silver, black and lavender color combination, the blend of modern interior decorating ideas with glamorous and chic touch create tender and soft decorating color palette and luxurious room decor for this small apartment, offering a beautiful, stylish and comfortable home for a romantic young lady.


Romantic and feminine, gorgeous and luxurious interior decorating with silver, black and purple color combination and unique small apartment ideas came from Russian architectural and interior design studio Ant.

Unique black glass design that frames the opening between the living room and the bedroom is impressive, bringing contemporary style into the apartment design. Black glass reflects modern interior decorating objects, creating even more stylish and exclusive room decor.

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silver butterflies for furniture decorationSilver butterflies for mirrors and black furniture decoration, glamorous interior decorating ideas for small apartment

Black glass is sophisticated interior decorating idea, that increase the effect which a traditional mirror can create. A large mirror in a silver frame above the sofa in the living room and black glass make room decor feel glamorous.

Shiny gray color of silver surfaces, polished black surfaces and black glass are the perfect combination for elegant and rich apartment interior decorating with beautiful reflections and a play of light.

purple furniture upholstery fabrics and decorative pillowsPurple furniture upholstery fabrics and decorative pillows, romantic apartment ideas for a young lady

Silver and black color combination look elegant and rich. Silver butterflies and black glass, mirrors and polished furniture surfaces create gorgeous interior decorating for a young lady. One of the walls in the living room is decorated with modern wallpaper. Silver wallpaper design and purple pearl paint make the living room decor look noble and exclusive.

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Lavender shades of purple color, black and gray color tones, that change from deep to soft, add mysterious and glamorous contrasts to apartment decorating ideas, turning small spaces into luxurious and romantic retreat.

purple wall paint and licing room furniture upholstery fabricPurple wall and living room furniture upholstery fabric with silver, black glass and mirrored coffee table

Classical furniture and architectural details blend restored antique pieces with new ones, creating a fantastic blend of styles. Modern furniture and room decor accessories bring contemporary minimalist forms, creating stylish kitchen and glamorous bedroom, mixing times and interior decorating ideas into beautiful apartment decor.

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Silver frames and designs are combined with luxurious fabrics, silk and velvet in silver gray color. Black glass design emphasize furniture in black color. Lavender tones look harmonious with purple wallpaper and furniture upholstery fabrics.

Gorgeous bedroom decor with silver frames and furniture, purple wall paint, black bedding and furniture decorated with silver butterflies, romantic and luxurious interior decorating ideas

Soft velvet in purple and black glass, gray and lavender curtains, beautiful walls and furniture are beautiful, stylish and very attractive interior decorating ideas for the charming small apartment that is visually increased by shiny silver and black glass.

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