Hand Painted Feathers Decorations and Unique Gifts in Southwestern Style

feathers decorations

Painting ideas that transform bird feathers into home decorations and unique gifts are easy and simple. Inspired by Native American art, hand painted feathers decorations look beautiful, adding personal and artistic details to wall decor, bringing bright patterns into southwestern homes. Modern wall decorations can be created by grouping a few painted feathers decorations, creating a wonderful centerpiece for interior decorating.


Handmade wall decor items created of bird feathers can combine right and left feathers decorations, complimenting your interior decorating in Southwestern style. You can add painted feathers decorations to your room decor, expanding interior decorating ideas for a southwestern theme and wall art. Hand painted feathers decorations look intriguing and make not only modern wall decorations for Southwestern style homes, but very special and unique gifts.

Hand painted feathers decorations can be used as accessories for hats and clothes. Hand painted feathers look elegant when used as beautiful gift box decorations. Painting feathers are wonderful and enjoyable art that creates simple, but romantic and exquisite wall decorations for Southwestern style homes, bringing one-of-a-kind pieces into rooms and enriching collection of Native American Indian treasures.

Hand painted feathers decorations in Southwestern style

hand painted feather decorations
Hand painted feathers decorations and gifts

Each feather painting can be inspired by a unique scene from nature or showcase an original decoration pattern. Wildlife, landscapes or even Native American daily life scenes provide great inspirations for festher painting and creating impressive and elegant feathers decorations and gifts.

Southwester style homes benefit of any handmade crafts and art projects inspired by the nature and Native American daily life. Hand-crafted wall decor items and painted feathers are perfect for any interior decorating in Southwestern style homes, from a home office to bedrooms and kids rooms.

Feather painting ideas for Southwestern style
Feather painting ideas for Southwestern style

Hand painted feathers decorations help create authentic wall decor and personalize your interior decorating with meaningful and unique details that teach to appreciate history and culture. Feather painting encourage great art projects for interior decorating in Southwestern style or creating unusual and interesting room decor in eclectic style.

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Being authentic and very unique, these home decorations bring the Native American theme into modern interior decorating and create exceptional, rich and elegant wall decor in Southwestern style homes. Feather painting is a great project that allows to transform something from the wild into a hand crafted artwork for eco friendly, creative and intimate interior decorating.

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