Hawaiian Decor, Aloha Style Tropical Home Decorating Ideas

tropical theme for dining room decorating

Hawaiian decor and home decorating ideas are about relaxation and enjoying life. Hawaiian decor ideas are associated with the stress-free life on the islands with the sunny and warm climate. Hawaiian decor style is bright and cheerful. Natural materials and warm room colors, laid back tropical home decorating ideas and comfortable room layout create interior decorating that is simple, pleasant and easy to accomplish.


Hawaiian decor is simple. Inspired by the beauty of Hawaiian islands, the tropical theme celebrates the simplicity and peacefulness. Knowing what room colors, textures, furniture and decor accessories to select, will allow you to create Hawaiian decor style in your home.

Comfortable and informal furniture looks harmonious with the natural environment, celebrating the tropical theme. Wood and wicker furniture, bamboo and rattan furniture and decor accessories reflect a sense of ease like nothing else.

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Hawaiian home decor ideas

hawaiian home decor, furniture and accessories

Room decor accessories in neutral and deep warm colors look elegant and inviting. Room decor accessories in bright colors enhance Hawaiian decor. Hawaiian style furniture with pillows and throws made of natural fabrics with botanical patterns are perfect for tropical home decorating.

Tropical theme colors feel cheerful and optimistic. Forest green, deep-sea blue, sunset orange and banana yellow, deep red and peach are just a few room colors that you can add to your tropical home decorating palette that includes natural wood color tones and off-whites. Adding earth tones, such as brown or cream, gives Hawaiian decor an airy look and more unified feel.

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Natural textures are a part of adding the Hawaiian decorating theme to your room decor. Jute and sisal rugs, carved wood home decorations and vases, bamboo bead curtains and sea shells are excellent for tropical home decorating theme.

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Baskets, lampshades and mats that are made from grass cloth or sea grass, crafts and home decorations made of natural wood make Hawaiian decor interesting, relaxing and inviting.

tropical theme for dining room decorating

Create a festive tropical decorating mood with lights and candles. Hang lights and design candle centerpieces to establish the tropical theme.

Bring the nature inside by adding indoor plants to your Hawaiian decor. Large, leafy indoor plants and tropical flowers create a pleasant illusion of the tropical paradise. Coconuts, pineapples, starfish, seashells, floral arrangements and Tiki masks add a Hawaiian decor flair to any room.

Select natural wood or bamboo blinds or light window curtains to your Hawaiian decor. Fabric panels that complement and support room colors will add harmony to home decorating ideas in Hawaiian style. Decorative pillows and throws, window curtains and napkins in matching colors highlight your Hawaiian-themed home decor, creating a sense of balance.

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