tropical theme

laser cut jellyfish pendant light

Home lighting and poufs inspired by graceful and dangerous ocean animals bring an interesting decorating theme into home furnishings. Jellyfish and corals are graceful ocean animals, and home lighting fixtures or poufs, inspired by jellyfish and corals add unusual and beautiful accents to room decorating ideas….

Tropical home decorating ideas are about open spaces that connect interior design with natural surroundings. Inspired by luxurious villas of Maldives W Retreat & Spa, tropical home decorating ideas may include dark wood furniture, combined with white decorative fabrics and bedding, exotic

African dry Savannah and tropical decorating ideas for kids rooms look interesting and adventurous. Orange and yellow, brown and green interior color schemes are perfect for warm and pleasant decorating ideas for kids. Themed decor, inspired by exciting natural worlds of Africa, Asia

Tropical home decorating ideas inspired by Sew View Villa room decor are a way to create spectacular and exclusive home interiors for luxurious, relaxing and pleasant lifestyle. Beautiful Sea View Villa resort is located in Kamala, Phuket, offering breath taking views and stunning room decor

Hawaiian decor and home decorating ideas are about relaxation and enjoying life. Hawaiian decor ideas are associated with the stress-free life on the islands with the sunny and warm climate. Hawaiian decor style is bright and cheerful. Natural materials and warm room colors, laid back

Balinese decor looks warm and cosy. Exotic rustic home decorating ideas are spiced up with unique furniture,  Indonesian art and handicrafts that create beautiful and colorful home interiors. Balinese decor brings colorful tropical home decorating ideas that feel romantic and luxurious, comfortable

Tropical decorating ideas are charming, airy and bright. Beautiful home interiors from professional decorators in Kenya are inspiring, and comfortable. Tropical theme brings bright white and red color combination and gorgeous flowers, dark wood furniture, ceiling beams and unique wall

Balinese home decor blends Asian interior decorating ideas with the tropical theme, inspired by colorful and exotic plants and flowers of tropical forests. Natural materials, like rustic wood, silk and cotton, gorgeous craftsman details and floral patterns create unique and charming Balinese home

Hawaiian decor reflects striking beauty of the Pacific Ocean and island flora. Elegant and colorful, cheerful and exotic Hawaiian decor feels very relaxing and comfortable. The collection of wonderful interior decorating ideas may inspire you for creating romantic Hawaiian decor that will

Tropical decor items, bright furniture and room accessories, inspired by exotic flowers, plants and animals, bring cheerful color combinations, interesting images and unusual patterns into modern interior decorating, celebrating the tropical theme. Rich green colors, turquoise and blue