20 Tropical Home Decorating Ideas, Charming Hawaiian Decor Theme

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Hawaiian decor reflects striking beauty of the Pacific Ocean and island flora. Elegant and colorful, cheerful and exotic Hawaiian decor feels very relaxing and comfortable. The collection of wonderful interior decorating ideas may inspire you for creating romantic Hawaiian decor that will transform your room into peaceful tropical paradise.


Hawaiian decor ideas are pleasant and calming. Breezy and tranquil Hawaiian interior decorating style celebrates the charm of gorgeous twenty four Pacific Ocean islands with mild climate, endless beaches and tropical jungles.

Hawaiian decor is about cozy interior architecture, comfortable wooden furniture, soft and bright room colors, inspired by amazing plants and flowers. Color combinations include the entire rainbow palette, symbolising tropical decorating ideas, inspired by fabulous Hawaiian waterfalls and tropical forest, coral reefs and mysterious caves, lava hills and grandiose canyons.

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Hawaiian decor ideas

wicker furniture for living room with hawaiian decorWicker furniture for living room with Hawaiian decor

Hawaiian decor ideas are very sensual, evoking pleasant emotions and optimism. Hawaiian decor style is about the colorful tropical theme that bring exotic flavors into modern interior decorating and creates unique and comfortable rooms.

Hawaiian decor ideas are great for those who likes to refresh their old or modern home interior decorating and looking for unusual solutions and simple, but impressive home decorations. Hawaiian decor theme is perfect for summer homes and cottages. Hawaiian decor theme makes bedrooms feel more romantic and cozy, adding exotic charm and seducing comfort to modern home interiors.

hawaiian decor theme for bathroom decoratingHawaiian decor theme for modern bathroom decorating

Ideas for Hawaiian decor theme

1. Neutral light paint colors for walls and warm floor decorating color palette create breezy and visually more spacious rooms in Hawaiian decor style.

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2. Wicker furniture and room accessories, mirror frames, baskets for floral arrangements, lamp shades and home decorations, – add an exotic flavor to tropical decorating ideas.

hawaiian decor for bedroomHawaiian decor, bedroom decorating with tropical theme charm

3. Bright accents can be created with furniture upholstery fabrics, indoor plants pots, floor carpets, decorative pillows and wall decorations. Rich decorating color combinations are beautiful tropical decorating ideas that make outdoor rooms and home interiors look cheerful and bright.

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4. Large indoor plants with green leaves, palm trees and blooming flowers are stunning tropical decorating ideas that bring rich green colors, soft and bright flower color tones into modern interior decorating in Hawaiian style.

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5. Bamboo is a great material for tropical decorating. Architectural features, interior decorating elements and decorative items, made of bamboo, like ceiling design, bamboo furniture and small decorations, only increase the effect, emphasizing the tropical decor theme.

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6. Hawaiian decor colors include comfortable brown color shades and neutral white cream and gray colors , combined with all bright, light and deep color shades of orange, pink, blue, turquoise and red colors.

7. Hawaiian decor looks gorgeous combining simple and elegant natural fabrics and wood textures.

Hawaiian decor, wood living room furniture and wooden ceiling beams

8. Interior decorating in Hawaiian style creates spacious room decor, comfortable and luxurious, leaving enough space to move around the room.

9. Elegant floral arrangements are a final touch to tropical decorating in Hawaiian style.

10. Adding a deck with a nice view of the garden is one of spectacular tropical decorating ideas also.

Hawaiian decor ideas

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