ethnic interior

asian decor and modern interior decorating in japanese style

Ethnic interior decorating styles are one of modern trends in home decorating. Asian decor, especially Japanese interior decorating, allow to bring individuality and originality into modern homes and create unique and interesting rooms. Natural room decor materials, ceramics, wooden accessories, made with natural fibers textiles, Asian…

african decor and ethnic interior decorating ideas with african designs

African decorating ideas exotic and energizing. Expressive African designs and bright room colors are combined with dark wood furniture and tribal art. African decorating ideas offer wonderful solutions and accents for modern interior design in Art Deco style, and create vibrate and unusual living spaces. African…

fabric crafts and knitting designs for making round poufs and ottomans

Handmade decor accessories, especially poufs, ottomans and decorative pillows, are wonderful ideas, bringing ethnic feel and unique look into rooms. Handmade poufs and ottomans in round shapes look interesting and harmonious with all existing decor, adding character to home interiors. Decor4all shares interior decorating ideas with…

asian decor and oriental interior decorating ideas for modern rooms

Decor4all collected these beautiful oriental interior decorating ideas and room design tips to share with its readers and demonstrate the elegance, warmth and uniqueness of traditional and modern Asian decor. Oriental interior decorating helps create a stylish and exotic atmosphere in a modern interior and bring…

modern room decorating with beautiful wallpaper and home fabrics

The Astrakhan collection of modern wallpaper and home decorating fabrics reflects many Asian cultures ancient transitions of Asian interior decorating. Brilliantly bright home fabrics with rich prints or embroidery and colorful wallpaper patterns are excellent for bringing stylish accents, vivid decorating color combinations and luxurious textures…

Living room furnishings, neutral color combination and ethnic interior decorating ideas

Ethnic interior decorating ideas give wonderful inspirations for designing unique rooms. The Serenity interior decorating trend brings exotic accents into spring and summer homes and blends them with comfortable furniture, natural home fabrics, exotic accessories, handmade home decorations and neutral colors. Perfect for modern bedroom decor,…

ottoman with storage, kilim upholstery fabric and decorative pillows

Turkish rugs and carpets are unique home accessories that are very decorative, durable, stylish and beautiful. Turkish rugs and carpets, added to modern room decor, create gorgeous, comfortable and luxurious living spaces with a colorful, ethnic interior decorating touch. Kilims bring original patterns, traditional color combinations…

asian interior decorating with sliding screens

Oriental interior decorating in the Japanese style is distinct and versatile, suitable for contemporary apartments and small homes. Asian interior decorating in Japanese style is about functionality and simplicity, natural materials and elegant feel. Oriental interior decorating ideas include natural materials and colors, home furnishings that…

drapery fabrics and furniture upholstery fabric

This new collection of home decorating fabrics offer gorgeous textures and beautiful colors of textiles from Pierre Frey, France. A young designer Laura Gonzalez has created a gallery of personal and distinct home interiors to demonstrate modern decorative fabrics from the collection. Charming home fabrics for…

pendant lights for asian interior decorating

Manak pendant lights are excellent lighting fixtures for all who like Asian interior decorating style and are ready to add charming lanterns to their homes. Ethnic interior is one of modern interior design trends, blending traditional and contemporary elements into modern room decor. Pendant lights that…

japanese vases for flowers

Decorative vases are wonderful home decor accessories that add a fresh look, style and elegance to modern home decor instantly. Modern decorative vases come in various shapes, materials, sizes, styles and colors and often look like contemporary artworks that make a statement, enhancing room decor personality….

mosaic bathroom design in mediterranean style

Home decorating in Mediterranean style defines many popular interior design trends. Outdoor rooms and interior decorating in Mediterranean style feel warm, comfortable and inviting. This gorgeous and stylish interior decorating style is perfect for creating a relaxing and bright home in which you can entertain and…

blue decorative pillows for sofa

Modern oriental interior decorating with home accents in Asian style create a new, unusual and interesting look and bring unique, extravagant and luxurious feel into home interiors. Original oriental interior decorating ideas from Nala Design combine Asian interior decorating

wooden kitchen island with stools

Brazilian ethnic interior decorating ideas bring floral designs and traditional motifs, bright colors and bold contrasts, reflecting the spirit and character of this dynamic South American country. Country home decorating is spiced up with handmade

bonsai plant for home decorating

Bonsai trees are beautiful home decorations, perfect for creating beautiful and unusual, interesting and modern interior decorating with Asian flavor. Bonsai means planted in a container. Miniature trees growing in small containers are a gorgeous element of oriental interior decorating style

wood armchair and side table in colonial style house

Modern interior decorating in colonial style is a remarkable blend of European and Asian or European and Latin American furniture, decor accessories and architectural elements that came from different cultures, – Burma, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam or Central

egyptian designs, ceiling lights and arabic decor

Home lighting fixtures inspired by traditional Egyptian designs are gorgeous and elegant. Traditional lamp collection from Zenza attracted the attention if designers and decorators around the world. Home lighting fixtures in Egyptian style bring amazing handcraftsmanship and exotic

living room design with ethnic interior decorating ideas

Arabic decor brings unique vibe into modern interior decorating. Exclusive penthouse interiors with Arabic flavor are designed by architectural studio Nograph in Moscow. Luxurious three story penthouse design is located in Moscow and offers comfortable and beautiful ethnic interior

romatic wallpaper patterns

Beautiful wallpapers by Catalina Estrada are a perfect way to add colorful, cheerful and optimistic wall decorating ideas to your home interiors. Unusual and captivating, original and bright, her wallpaper designs look like bold works of art, bringing romantic mood into modern interior decorating

interior trends in furniture upholstery fabrics

Italian textiles by SIMTA bring rich colors, interesting textures, unusual color combinations, unique fabric prints and patterns inspired by Eastern floor rugs and kilims into modern interior decorating. The Italian company SIMTA produces gorgeous organza and luxurious silk fabrics for curtains, stylish

unique shelves around the window

Urban Cabin is a small home renovating and interior decorating project from the Portuguese architectural studio Fabio Galeazzo, which turned an abandoned country house into bright and stylish contemporary home. Unique modernistic design and colorful exterior and interior decorating