latest trends

owls themed decorations and gift ideas

Owl decor ideas bring mystery and grace of these birds into interior decorating, adding a nice natural touch to modern rooms. Owls are great theme decorations, versatile and suitable for any room, from nursery to master bedroom, kitchen and living room. Decor4all shares a collection of…

latest trends in room decorating

Modern decor ideas reflect the latest trends in fashion design, art and interior design. Modern decor ideas blend provocative and original with classy and comfortable, creating beautiful rooms and color combinations. Exciting fabric prints and rich room colors, unusual painting ideas and soft textures, shiny metal…

modern interiors in asian styles

Oriental interior decorating ideas are the latest trends that bring unique furniture, decor accessories and material combinations from the Asian world and allow to design spectacular, comfortable and modern home interiors with exclusive oriental chic and style. Decor4all collection of oriental interior decorating ideas demonstrate these…

modern chair with stitches pattern

Knits and crochet designs define one of latest trends in decorating with beautiful soft textures and unique patterns. Knits and crochet designs look exclusive and surprising in modern interiors, blending traditional crafts with contemporary home decorating ideas. Decor4all presents new modern decor ideas, inspired by real…

decorative accessories with stripes made of quilt fabrics

Contemporary quilts are beautiful home accessories. Handmade and colorful, they add character to room decor and style modern bedding ensembles. Decor4all shares a collection of creative, contemporary quilts and colorful patchwork designs that make gorgeous accents and transform room decor with unique details. These amazing patchwork…

modern interior decorating with home fabrics and textiles

Latest trends in decorating fabrics show beautiful ideas, fantastic textures and stylish colors that turn living spaces into modern interiors. Home textiles and fabrics include gorgeous wall coverings, trendy decoration patterns, traditional embroidery designs and creative fabric prints that define the latest trends in home decorating….

handmade home accessories, chrocheted floor rugs

These handmade accessories look charming, unusual and very stylish. Crocheted floor rugs are beautiful home decorations in vintage style which add character and unique accents to modern room decor. Crocheted rugs are made of materials that are surpluses of the Portuguese textile industry, recycling them into…

bamboo home decorating ideas and eco friendly products for interior design

Bamboo home decorating ideas are traditional for Asian interior design. First used in China about 5,000 years ago, bamboo plant provides an excellent building and interior decorating material, ideal for modern eco style. Bamboo furniture and decor accessories, modern wall coverings and bamboo flooring ideas look…

suzani furniture upholstery fabric

Latest trends show beautiful ways to refresh your home decor by adding stylish decorative patterns and ethnic motifs, and creating bold looks. Here is a collection of gorgeous interior decorating ideas with amazing patterns that transform your lacking interest room decor into bright, different and dramatic….

room colors and latest trends in decorative fabrics

Modern interior trends in decorating walls, decorative fabrics and textiles 2013 bring beautiful materials, fresh color combinations, 3d textures and new technologies, blending contemporary designs with traditional, classic and ethnic interior decorating

lantern with candles and christmas lights

Traditional Christmas decorating ideas and classic color combination of white, red and green are timeless and are here to stay, perfect for country home decorating and holiday decor in vintage style. However, fresh Christmas decorating ideas and modern winter holiday decorating colors add interest and novelty…

modern furniture and decorative accessories with embroidery

Cross stitching on felt, metal or wood is one of the most surprising trends in home decorating and furniture design. Stylish clothes and room decor items, like table runners and decorative pillows, look fantastic with cross stitch embroidery, influencing other modern decor accessories

wooden wall decorations with embroidery

Handmade furniture and decor accessories from Stedi reinvent the art of cross stitching, adding surprising and vey decorative details to home decor items made of wood. Cross stitch embroidery on unconventional materials, like wood or metal, turn even simple furniture and decor accessories

purple and green stripes wallpaper

Striped wallpaper patterns are a vibrant modern design trend in wall coverings. Attractive and bright or elegant and calming striped wallpaper patterns by Tapeten Agentur are perfect for your empty walls. Stylish colors and trendy color combinations will create bold splashes

round table and two upholstered chairs in red color

Modern dining room decorating ideas should be functional, comfortable and very attractive. Modern dining room is the area which can be seen from the living room, so dining room decorating ideas should complement living room design and decor, and create a harmonious blend with the modern

interior trends in furniture upholstery fabrics

Italian textiles by SIMTA bring rich colors, interesting textures, unusual color combinations, unique fabric prints and patterns inspired by Eastern floor rugs and kilims into modern interior decorating. The Italian company SIMTA produces gorgeous organza and luxurious silk fabrics for curtains, stylish

living room sofa decorated with different fabrics

Modern living room furniture design trends bring the fusion of styles, fresh color combinations and unexpected blend of materials, creating striking sofas and chairs. Carved wood furniture and luxurious upholstery fabrics, elegant and simple contemporary sofas and chairs, decorated


Hand made contemporary area rugs are art pieces, inspired by urban or natural landscapes. Modern rugs create beautiful floor decor, adding bright colors, soft textures and comfort to home interiors.