Modern Furniture and Decor Accessories by Piero Lissoni, Italian Decorating

bright striped chair upholstery fabric

Modern furniture and decor accessories, designed by Italicn architect Piero Lissoni, elegant, functional and stylish. His furniture design blends architectural forms and modern art. Room decor accessories look gorgeous, bringing graphic patterns, photographic images and bright colors into modern interior design, offering pleasant and very attractive items for home decorating.


Modern furniture and decor accessories from Piero Lissoni are comfortable and interesting, The designer enjoys experimenting with material, like aluminum, creating durable, light and very decorative furniture and home decorations.

The designer creates for people. The comfort and functionality of his modern furniture pieces are the main priorities. Room decor accessories delight with impressive look and eye pleasing color combinations.

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bright striped chair upholstery fabricBright striped chair upholstery fabric, modern furniture design

Creative and beautiful, modern furniture and decor accessories from Piero Lissoni blend the contemporary style, modern art with old Italian traditions of home decorating. The simplicity and bright colors blend into gorgeous furniture and decor collections, perfect for contemporary homes.

Bold striped upholstery fabric patterns and abstract designs, simple geometric shapes and bright colors create  cheerful mood and add a youthful flavor to designer furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures.

decorative ball for wall in yellow, orange and black colorsBold decorative ball on white wall, creative and stylish room decor accessories for contemporary home interiors

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