Modern Furniture Design in Neoplastisism Style, Ariva Collection

white table and chair

Modern furniture design in neoplasticism style reduces form to horizontal and vertical lines and uses the primary colors black, white, gray, red, blue and yellow. Modern furniture design in neoplastisism style by Manuel Barbereri is an intent to remove any realism from the traditional furniture pieces.


Modern furniture design in neoplasticism style is based on a Dutch abstract movement founded by Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg. Contemporary furniture pieces reflect the absolutes in life that are important.

The neoplasticism movement ran from 1910 to late 1930s. A new movement in art and design, called Abstraction Creation, inspired many contemporary furniture design ideas and artworks, reflecting  the neoplasticism, known as De Stijl (The Style).

Chair designs by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, designer furniture in De Stijl style

Avant Garde style in interior decorating, unique furniture design

Modern furniture design in neoplastisism style

white table and chairWhite table and chair design in neoplastisism style, modern furniture design ideas

The simple, yet captivating modern furniture design ideas, represented by the new collection Ariva by Manuel Barbieri is an example of furniture design in neoplasticism style.

The furniture designs in simple and elegant white color play with the geometric shapes, created with straight lines. Squares, triangles and rectangles are combined to skew the viewer’s perception and surprise with artistic modern furniture pieces.

unique furnitureUnique furniture, modern chairs in white color

Simple and elegant furniture designs look slender, but from the front they appear thick. Neoplasticism style was supposed to represent spiritual harmony and order. Peculiar and impressive, modern furniture pieces from the Ariva collection feel pure and visually balanced.

Disfatto furniture collection by Denis Guidone, modern furniture design

Fusion of contemporary minimalist and classic furniture design styles

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