Moroccan Decor, Moroccan Decorating Color Schemes

moroccan furniture and decor accessories and orange wall paint

The versatility of Moroccan decor, that reflects the blend of Arabic, African and European cultures, makes selecting Moroccan home decorating color palette, mixing Moroccan furniture and decor items with Berber desert lanterns, Arabic decor accessories and adding exotic African fabric to traditional Moroccan decorations a fun activity. Moroccan decorating encourages the improvisation, creating Arabic decor with Moroccan furniture, luxurious natural decorating fabrics and charming traditional Moroccan lanterns, combined with African fabric patterns, made of leather Moroccan poufs and local spices colors.


Moroccan style is intuitive and comes from warm feelings, that celebrate bold interior design colors, inspired by desert sunsets and amazing seascapes of Mediterranean coast. Moroccan decorating ideas are the blend of ancient African and Arabic decor with European flavor. Ethnic motifs of Moroccan style mix with luxurious fantasies of Europeans who settled in Morocco. Moroccan style, that looks refined and exotic, bold and relaxing, is the striking reflection of traditional Moroccan home design and European interior decorating ideas.

Moroccan decorating calls for a broad decorating color palette that includes all natural interior design colors. Local spices, natural dyes and colorful landscapes are great inspirations for traditional and modern Moroccan decorations, African fabric patterns, rich room paint colors, Moroccan furniture and decor items, European luxurious decorating fabrics and beautiful Moroccan rugs that create dramatic Arabic decor with European elegance.

Blue and green Moroccan bedroom decorating colors

Exotic Moroccan bedroom decorating with light and deep purple colors

Warm colors for bedroom decorating in Moroccan style

Moroccan decorating color schemes

Traditional Moroccan decorating color schemes include golden, orange, peach, pink and red colors, soften with sand, white cream and terracotta tones inspired by ancient Marrakesh buildings.

Modern Moroccan interior design color schemes bring lilac and ocher, light blue and green colors, rich emerald green and ultramarine tones that attractively blended in traditional Moroccan rugs, curtains and cushions made of luxurious and natural decorating fabrics, colored glass Moroccan lanterns and ethnic patterns on Moroccan poufs, made of soft leather or fabric.

All traditional Moroccan decorating colors look great with wrought iron or dark wood Moroccan furniture and decor accessories, creating dramatic and welcoming Arabic decor, enhanced with Moroccan tiles and clay, glass or carved wood Moroccan home decorations and desert lanterns. Light pastel golden and white color tones add warmth and freshness to colorful and exotic, traditional Moroccan home decorating.

Monochromatic Moroccan decorating color schemes emphasize exquisite home furnishings and Moroccan home decorations, traditional Moroccan furniture, decor accessories, colorful traditional Moroccan rugs, canopy curtains, unique Moroccan lantern designs, bright decorative cushions, made of luxurious and natural home decorating fabrics, and Moroccan poufs, made of leather or soft fabric.

Inspired by Marrakesh buildings, pink-orange table decoration in Moroccan style

Arabian Nights themed party table decorating ideas

Middle Eastern party table decoration ideas and centerpieces

Moroccan decorating for the ceiling

One color tones Moroccan decorating color schemes for wall and ceiling painting, golden, orange, peach, pink and red colors for traditional Moroccan decorating or lilac, ocher, light blue and green colors that are cooling and relaxing add mysterious flavor and cosiness to Moroccan home decor, especially when combined with wood and metal Moroccan decorations, like wooden beams and famous Moroccan lanterns.

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